Wednesday, September 13, 2017

'F' is for 'fight; not 'fool'

I don’t know

but I can’t stop thinking about this matter as it keeps on playing in my mind like the ‘I am Me’ song



I just actually attended a meeting regarding our students’ performance with some ‘outsiders’

Desperately hoping it could be fruitful to the entire teachers and students,

 And yes, it did - - -

well at least that’s what I told myself many times

But I can’t deny the fact that they actually don’t bother my students as human

My students are merely figures,


grades name it


Everything should be on paper

 should be proven by data.


Those who get A are good students

Those who failed are not

they are problematic

Perhaps I should just tell them

My students who failed is as human as the 'A' students

 My students who failed really want to study,

 really focus,

 really positive about life.


But they don’t see that

They don’t even bother

Because my students are just numbers

 without feelings.