Wednesday, November 8, 2017

.trying hard to be romantic.

She: Abang do you like iPhone?
He: Suka! Why?
She:'iPhone' suka you! 
He: *impressed*

Well, that was the very first time he really got blown away with my pick up line. Before this, he spoilt all my pick up lines coz he read it first on facebook before I could use it. -.-

And, this, people, deserves to be posted in here so that it could remind me I had won the pick up line Challenge once! Lol. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

'F' is for 'fight; not 'fool'

I don’t know

but I can’t stop thinking about this matter as it keeps on playing in my mind like the ‘I am Me’ song



I just actually attended a meeting regarding our students’ performance with some ‘outsiders’

Desperately hoping it could be fruitful to the entire teachers and students,

 And yes, it did - - -

well at least that’s what I told myself many times

But I can’t deny the fact that they actually don’t bother my students as human

My students are merely figures,


grades name it


Everything should be on paper

 should be proven by data.


Those who get A are good students

Those who failed are not

they are problematic

Perhaps I should just tell them

My students who failed is as human as the 'A' students

 My students who failed really want to study,

 really focus,

 really positive about life.


But they don’t see that

They don’t even bother

Because my students are just numbers

 without feelings.


Friday, June 30, 2017

.wearing pavlova.

Today I was planning to buy a new pair of jeans since the one that I was wearing was bought like 11 years ago?! Haha. I know right.  how time flies. I really need a new pair since traveling wearing skirt/dress/palazzo is quite hard for me. 

So I went to this one particular shop which the brand is quite well-known. 

'Miss, ada straight cut jeans?'
And suddenly she snorted. I was clueless. Did I ask a silly question?

'Yg ladies semua skinny jeans. Mana ada straight cut.'

I was like, Really??? Am I that old-fashioned??

' bout this? It doesn't look skinny though.' I asked

' Oh, yang ni jeans lelaki. Yg perempuan punya yg lagi ketat melekat kat kaki.' The salesgirl told me. I was quite unsure how to give appropriate reaction to her. But I was quite sure how my reaction was when she said, 'Tapi kalau akak nak pakai jeans lelaki pun bole. Longgar sikit.'

And so, I tried the male jeans. And guess what, it's utterly fittt (not the waist but the legs) though I tried a size bigger. I gave her the jeans back, said thank you and off I go. 

I told my husband about it. And he laughed. He said I should just stick to wearing 'pavlova'. 

P/s: and by 'pavlova', he actually meant 'palazzo'. He always has this confusion between those two. Haha. Yes, my husband is funny tho he has a stern face. And that's why I love him. Lol. Tetibe. 

Nope.  He's definitely not wearing pavlova.  Na-ah.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

.hard to say goodbye when it comes to Plymouth.

It was Plymouth all over again. 
I didn't really favour Cameron Highlands at first as I thought it could be just like Kundasang; cold,strawberries, carrots and cabbages. 
But as I entered the Mardi English Cottage, it gave me a homey feeling. 
The interior, the design, the carpet, the coldness, and the smell were really like my Plymouth. 
I felt my chest hardened as I performed my prayer. It was the same prayer clothes that I wore in Plymouth. 
And I can't help myself to reminisce how easy life was back then. 

It was the third day when we packed our things to go back. 
As I closed the front door, I told myself I should move on. 

Well, reality, bring it on!