Saturday, July 4, 2015

.inside a white house.

Here I am again.  In a dull blue,yellow and white building. May be God wants to teach me how to like doctors. And hospitals. Coz God knows how much I detest them before.  For personal reasons of course. And I know I'm being punished now. I should learn from it though.

I was just thinking, if they add more colours to the surrounding, it will do us a favour. The dullness just create more pain on us. And gives us soft music once in a while and some delicious cheese cake from secret recipe and a glass of extremely delicious hot choc from the hospital pantry. Ok. That was tooo ambitious. I am just kidding. But seriously the boredom is killing me.  Husband is goin out for a while. I dunno whom to talk to. Sobs.


kiorsly said...

is everything Okay? or we are going to heard new good news soon? you know what I am talking about.. :B

ana rama said...

Hihi. The next post is just giving u a gist bout the news.