Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear my lil caliph,

Hospital Ranau was so worried about mama's blood dropped from 9 to 6. So, yesterday, mama experienced riding in an ambulance to Queen, KK. It wasn't a good experience though coz they didn't turn on the nee-noo sound and the pakcik drove a lot faster than papa. Papa was at the back; escorting you and me. Pity him. He didn't get enough rest after mama being admitted to hospital since the past 3 days.

When the ambulance arrived at the Queen, then, they started to turn the nee-noo sound on. And that made the people around started to look panic. At first mama didn't notice coz mama was busy adjusting my scarf and applying a lil bit of lipice inside the ambulance (i can imagine papa doing facepalm.hihu) But seriously honey, mama didn't really feel the pain. Mama just felt dizzy, and i bet, you too coz of the roller coaster ride.

To be continued...

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