Wednesday, July 8, 2015

.Dear my lil caliph, (Gastro Ward, what??)

They failed to identify the disease.  The OB said everything is okay with you.  Mama's blood is still 9.  Not 6 as claimed by the other hospital.  Mama was confused.  He said again, may be there's something wrong with the machine or they accidentally changed the blood with someone else's.  Mama was frustrated.  But, we cannot blame anyone.  Papa always told us to look at the other side of the coin  (He's being so positive lately since you were in my tummy. Hee)

So, they called another specialist.  This time, they focused on mama since there's nothing wrong with you.  Well, as long as you are okay, mama will be fine too.  After waiting for about 3 hours, the doctor came.  And she straight away asked the nurses to send mama to Gastro Ward because the esophagus was bleeding. Sobs. But thank God, they could let papa stay with us.  It was already 11 pm.  Mama was tired.  So mama slept on a very comfy bed whereas papa, slept on a non-sleepable chair.  ='(

To be continued... 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear my lil caliph, (.The white coat men.)

They straight away brought mama to the half-critical zone.  The room filled with all these wires and machines and these weird medicinal stuffs. Once the nurses placed mama on a bed, the doctors started to examine you and me. They took 4 bottles of mama's blood. It hurt so much. So mama cried. Papa wasn't there. They didn't allow him in. Nenek, Wan and Tok weren't there. Aunties too. And your aunt Dib even. So mama cried even heavier. The nurse beside mama, was crying too.

Then, 5 doctors surrounded mama. Each one of them asked me the exactly same questions.  Mama was bored. They couldn't figure out what kind of disease mama is having. After half an hour, they called obstetrician(OB) to check on mama coz they said may be something was wrong with you. Mama was really extremely worried about you. The OB came an hour after that. He's fatherly. I guess you would like him too. He gently scanned you. And the two other doctors and a nurse inside the room were telling me how sweet you were inside the tummy. The OB smiled. And showed mama the screen. He showed mama your serene heartbeat. Mama cried again. Seeing you alive inside my tummy is the best blessing ever in this holy month of Ramadhan. Allah is the greatest. :')

To be continued...

Dear my lil caliph,

Hospital Ranau was so worried about mama's blood dropped from 9 to 6. So, yesterday, mama experienced riding in an ambulance to Queen, KK. It wasn't a good experience though coz they didn't turn on the nee-noo sound and the pakcik drove a lot faster than papa. Papa was at the back; escorting you and me. Pity him. He didn't get enough rest after mama being admitted to hospital since the past 3 days.

When the ambulance arrived at the Queen, then, they started to turn the nee-noo sound on. And that made the people around started to look panic. At first mama didn't notice coz mama was busy adjusting my scarf and applying a lil bit of lipice inside the ambulance (i can imagine papa doing facepalm.hihu) But seriously honey, mama didn't really feel the pain. Mama just felt dizzy, and i bet, you too coz of the roller coaster ride.

To be continued...

Saturday, July 4, 2015

.inside a white house.

Here I am again.  In a dull blue,yellow and white building. May be God wants to teach me how to like doctors. And hospitals. Coz God knows how much I detest them before.  For personal reasons of course. And I know I'm being punished now. I should learn from it though.

I was just thinking, if they add more colours to the surrounding, it will do us a favour. The dullness just create more pain on us. And gives us soft music once in a while and some delicious cheese cake from secret recipe and a glass of extremely delicious hot choc from the hospital pantry. Ok. That was tooo ambitious. I am just kidding. But seriously the boredom is killing me.  Husband is goin out for a while. I dunno whom to talk to. Sobs.