Sunday, May 3, 2015

.let's grow up.

Just a quick update to tell the world that I'm still alive and still can catch my breath alhmdulillah. It was such a long time. While typing this, I can't stop glancing at my ring finger.  Still can't believe there is a ring stick on it. A ring on a ring finger. Lol. Lame.

Being a busy busy busy grown-up woman is not my cup of tea though.  I can't remember when the last time I ever....
touch my drawing brush,
or go shopping-till-I-drop,
or book a ticket to somewhere last minute and unplanned,
or rent a car and drive nowhere (though I know my driving skills is totally suck),
or go to a 5-star hotel with only a few ringgit in my pocket
or enter a bridal shop pretending that I want to get married, well in fact, I just want to try out the amazing dresses
or reading a book and enjoy it to bits.

Though I am busy, I did figure out how to be a real grown-up (psst..actually, I 'm just trying to impress my husband and mom.LOL.)  Well people, I started to develop a new hobby.

Tadaaaa~ There's Daisy in the kitchen.

I excitedly bought it in Kundasang and called my mum to boast about my little orangydaisy
and I told her and my husband that it WILL bloom gracefully. ^^
Tettt. After 3 days, it became unfertile.  Thanks to me.  Sobs.  Since I'm no good in taking care of my daisy, husband took the responsibility and now, it is still alive, healthily and beautifully and started to produce a junior daisy.  I have no idea how on earth he did that. Well, he impressed me!

Since I failed planting the real flowers, I opt for these plastic ones. --'

Well, will write soon. ('soon' as in next year, may