Thursday, December 4, 2014

.v.i.p's birthday.

Remember last year?
We planned a surprise birthday party for you.  But it wasn't a success.  You had something else to do with your mum and we had to force you to come and meet us. Lol.

We planned to celebrate in Secret Recipe. But it was too cliché.  So, we celebrated your birthday in a 'haunted' park somewhere in Tawau.  Only 3 of us, but it felt like the whole marjon 1 were there to celebrate your birthday. (read:telampaubising) And it was a very sunny day. We thought it would be lovely to celebrate your birthday in the park.  Well, no.  It was hot, and there's a group of weird people next to us. So, we went back after 3 bites of cake.

Though it was the simplest birthday celebration ever, but it was the hardest to forget.

p/s: having trouble to upload pictures since last month.sobs

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Adib Hitam said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *clap clap clap* <3