Saturday, November 22, 2014

.The Journey.

'The journey'.  It wasn't the great movie I've ever watched.  But, I really love that movie coz it brings along the memory between me and the two bestfriends.

I found the cd in G-Mart the other day, and I bought it without second thought.

And I watched the movie the day after.  And surprisingly, I cried when the movie started. May be I was too emotional.  Well, that was the last movie we watched together. Me, you, and her.  We were sitting side by side.  It was wonderful! We were jobless at that time.  But we managed to have our escapade every weekend.  Spending time together in our favourite place.  And share our happiness and sadness together over cakes and milkshakes (and sometimes camomile tea if we suddenly concern about our weight. lol.) 

Until career creates a distance between us. And marriage too.  We are growing up now.  It's like we are learning to have our own life.

6 years together, and it feels weird when you are no longer here with me.  She is miles and miles away from us.  But I was very glad that I have you.

But the day you said you wanna move out, I know, things will never be the same again.  But shoosh! I shouldn't be selfish.  I hold the tears until I was in the plane on Sunday.  I refused to talk about it.  And somehow I refused to go back home.  But life must go on. 

Remember you said? We have to be independent now. And maturity should come along.  It will be a long journey ahead.  Sooner or later, I realise, we have another commitment in life.  And I hope our friendship will last forever. Till Jannah (like we used to say)

The journey to maturity starts here...