Wednesday, September 17, 2014

.celebrating hari malaysia, my way.

School holiday! It sounds good. But no yeay for me coz I spent most of my time with those whitecoat people with stethoscope hanging on their shoulders. I mean, doctors and hospitals and clinics and medicine. sobs.

To show how much I support the 1Malaysia thingy, I met doctors from three major races in Malaysia. (clap!). 

The Chinese doctor said I have an infection and a small operation should be done. He explained all the medicine that I should take, complete with the scientific names.  I gave him a clueless face.  'You are a teacher maa..sure you understand all the things I said'.  So leaving me with no choice, I said 'My major is English doc. Not biology.'

The malay doctor said it's just a normal thing, nothing to worry about.  She then gave me ear drops and said everything will be okay within a week (which is not!). And she's garang.  Sobs. 

Finally, I met this indian doctor.  He's sooo into ManU.  The ManU posters and stickers are everywhere in his clinic which makes the clinic looks so red.  (My Liverpool bestfriend shouldn't be brought here I guess). Anyway, that's not the point. The point is...the doctor is so cool! He knows how to make jokes.Lol.  He told me that the previous doctors prescribed me with the wrong medicine, which explained why I am still feeling the pain now. Sobs.  So, I hereby announced that the winner goes to the Indian doctor! Motif? Lol.

Happy Hols kids!


JARYN said...

hahahahaha best fren, ke best soul......mate?

ana rama said...

hihihi.bestsoulmate pun boleh =p