Sunday, May 25, 2014


School is awesome!
Coz we don't have weekends. 
I even wonder, how the weekends feel like.
But it's alright.  I love spending my time with all the students (though sometimes they are quite annoying.hoho)
I thank God, I'm not working in KK.
Coz if I did, then I dunno how could I resist the temptation to enjoy my weekends in the shopping mall every weekend.
Plus, living in this small town encourage me to do some saving for my future wedding. eh? kidding.
There's nothing to buy here except food
The only sophisticated shopping mall is Watson. And yeah, Milimewa (perhaps).
Nothing to buy there.
So it's a good news for my bank account.
Eh, seems like, I should go now.
Another meeting to attend.
The word 'meeting' sounds very mature (and boring).
Ok lah. Have a nice day people!

Monday, May 19, 2014

.Teacher's diary (teacher a.k.a. operator).

When people say, I always embarrassed myself, I didn't believe them.  Until today, when I was assigned to call all the parents of form5 students, I realised, I did embarrass myself.  I was lucky though coz the parents don't see my face.

Parent 1:
Me: Assalamualaikum, Encik A.  Saya cikgu Ramadana dari SMU ingin menjemput Encik untuk Majlis perasmian blablabla
Encik A: Iya cikgu Ramadana.  Sebenarnya sekarang ni saya di sekolah yang sama dengan cikgu Ramadana. 

Yes. He was one of the teachers there.  And I totally forgot about that =='.  And he laughed at me. Double =='

Parent 2:
Me: Assalamualaikum Encik J.  Saya Cikgu Ramadana dari SMU ingin menjemput Encik ke Majlis perasmian blablabla..
Encik J: Maaf. Siape ni ye?
Me: Cikgu Ramadana.
Encik J: Ye cikgu.  Kenape cikgu call saye ye?
Me: Berkenaan Majlis Perasmian untuk kem motivasi pelajar tingkatan 5.
Encik J: Em..ape kaitan dengan saye ye?
Me: Anak encik, H, belajar di SMU kan?
Encik J: *laughing* Sorry cikgu. Saye rase cikgu salah number ni.  Saye takde anak lagi. Hahahaha.
Me: *Malu* Oh. Maaf. Assalamualaikum.Bai.

Parent 3:
Me: Assalamualaikum Puan M. Puan Ibu kepada Azrul?
Puan M: Azrul?? Sia teda anak nama Azrul.
Me: Puan bukan ada anak tingkatan 5 di SMU ka?
Puan M: Ada. Tapi nama dia bukan Azrul.
Me: (*facepalm. It was somebody else's name. lol)

Parent 4:
Me: Assalamualaikum Encik G.  Saya Cikgu Ramadana dari SMU.
Encik G: ya ya ya
Me: Kami ada makluman.  Kami ingin menjemput Encik G untuk ke majlis perasmian pembukaan kem motivasi kecemerlangan pelajar tingkatan 5 pada 25 Mei ini pukul 8.30 pagi di dewan sekolah blablabla
Encik G: Sakajap. Sakajap. Apa cigu cakap ini? Tia sia paham. Sia panggil isteri sia dulu ah cigu.

Parent 5:
Me: Assalamualaikum Puan N. Saya Cikgu Ramadana dari SMU. Kami ada makluman.  Kami ingin menjemput puan ke Majlis....
Puan N: Saya tau tu cigu.  Tapi begini bah cigu, saya orang susah.  Tiada kereta mau pigi sana.  Kasian bah kami ni cigu.  Apa boleh buat lah kan blablablablabla

(And it turns out I have to be a counsellor, consoling a mother who feels very guilty of her poverty. She's a good mum.  I hope her daughter knows that. Sobs.)

I finished everything at 4 pm.  I was so tired I could sleep the whole month. Lol. Over.