Wednesday, April 16, 2014

.there's a man in me.

That was a shock.  When I entered the room, I saw a teacher, who is older than me, was crying all by herself.

There I was; standing in front of her doing nothing! It was so awkward especially for somebody like me who doesn't even have the talent to console people. I was indecisive; should I hug her? or should I ask 'are you ok?' or should I cry with her? or should I touch her shoulder and say 'Bersabarlah' or should I just ignore her??  It was sooo a.w.k.w.a.r.d.  

And it's more awkward (and stupid at the same time) when I suddenly said 'eh kak ada pula pinggan kotor sini kan.  Berbau. Kan?' Don't blame me.  I was trying to cheer her up with my stupid question. 

Though she didn't say anything, she did smile. 

I seriously dunno what's wrong with her. 

Mungkin dia mengalami tekanan yang tinggi mengajar di sekolah ini. (sebab sekolah atas bukit, jadi tekanan pun


Lan said...

sekolah atas bukit tekanan rendah cikgu ramaaaaaa

ana rama said...

maaf tidak bijak sains.