Sunday, April 27, 2014

.Teacher's diary. (when you know nothing about saving a life)

Student: Miss! Miss! Ada orang sesak nafas. Cepat sini Miss!
Teacher: Ha?? *cemas.
Student: Apa kita kena buat ni, Miss?
Teacher: Bernafas! Bernafas! Bernafas! (sambil tepuk-tepuk belakang budaksesaknafas)
Student: Miss, jangan. Mungkin kita kena kipas dia. Bagi udara sikit.

Tiba-tiba ustaz lalu.

Teacher: Ustaz tolong!
Ustaz: Jom! Bawa dia ke hospital.

Teacher: *why didn't I think about it before?? =='

Thursday, April 24, 2014

.a good daughter: under construction.

A friend told me, we don't always get the things we wanted.  Why?  Coz the thing we want is not the thing we need. It might not be good for us, but it will surely be the best; we will discover it sooner or later.

I love mum.  I know her intention.  She only wants the best for me.  Always! Without fail.
It's just that, this time, I think I should tell her how bad the situation is.  May Allah ease the path I take. Amin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

.there's a man in me.

That was a shock.  When I entered the room, I saw a teacher, who is older than me, was crying all by herself.

There I was; standing in front of her doing nothing! It was so awkward especially for somebody like me who doesn't even have the talent to console people. I was indecisive; should I hug her? or should I ask 'are you ok?' or should I cry with her? or should I touch her shoulder and say 'Bersabarlah' or should I just ignore her??  It was sooo a.w.k.w.a.r.d.  

And it's more awkward (and stupid at the same time) when I suddenly said 'eh kak ada pula pinggan kotor sini kan.  Berbau. Kan?' Don't blame me.  I was trying to cheer her up with my stupid question. 

Though she didn't say anything, she did smile. 

I seriously dunno what's wrong with her. 

Mungkin dia mengalami tekanan yang tinggi mengajar di sekolah ini. (sebab sekolah atas bukit, jadi tekanan pun

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Hello Mr. Sunday!"

Define Sunday:

-No classes
-No students nagging and clinging
-No teaching
-No formal attire
-No books to mark
-No lessons to plan

So Sunday is the day to...

-go jogging with best friend and be as immature as we can and enjoy the breath taking scenery =)
-watch favourite channels =)
-do the laundry while singing favourite songs =)
-clean the room while having a good chat with bestfriend =)
-call mum and tell her the whole things that happened during the weekdays =)
-read the favourite novel  =)
-sleeeeeeppp =)

jogging to this view; mesmerised by God's creation

a good book and a finger-lickin icecream are always a good combination.

The students called me Madam Rama. But they thought I am a 22 y.o. practicum teacher.  So, I guess it's because they can't differentiate the meaning of madam and miss.