Friday, March 14, 2014

.when the stalking goes wrong.

Usually my friend would fetch the guests a.k.a. speakers at the airport, entertain them and send them to the students  But she had classes to attend so I had to take over the tasks. Alone. With my boss.

It's such an extrinsic motivation when the boss allowed me to spend a night in Novotel Hotel while waiting for the guest to arrive. So, the night before, I did some research about the speaker (konon la). So I googled her and I found that she is a kindergarten entrepreneur.

one of the ways to look matured; coffee and newspaper.hoho

The next morning my boss and I fetched her at Le Meridien and we started our long journey to Tuaran (where the students are waiting for the talk). Long journey means long hours to ask questions, to smile and to be polite with  the guest. Huwaaaa!

So I started the conversation
'I heard you open a kindergarten' *smile and I saw my boss gave a quizzical look.
'Ha? No. No.' She laughed and started to explain her actual business.

Once I got back, I double checked the information I got.  Sobs.  Rupanya salah google. They share the same name but they are totally a different person. I'm not a good stalker.

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