Friday, March 14, 2014

.warnawarni kinabalu.

I have never experienced climbing a mountain before.  Never in my life had experienced such thing.  I wasn’t prepared at all. No hiking shoes.  No appropriate clothes.  No mosquito repellent.  Thank God I had the guts to bring my track suit and my t-shirt.  If not, I have to sacrifice my hundreds to buy all those stuffs. 

Too bad, I woke up late the day we had the hiking.  So, I just grab those stuffs that reachable in my luggage.  Thus, the red shirt, and the yellow tudung.  Not matching at all. But, who cares kan.  Nobody is going to look at how matching ur clothes are in the forest, right?  But the worst part is, ‘adik, kau ini student spm ka?’ sobs. Sudah ku cakap, nda bole pakai warna warni. Mesti begini jadinya. :’(

we are lucky coz the mountain peak is visible.Alhamdulillah.
with the other urusetias.

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