Thursday, March 20, 2014

.row row row your boat.

Water-rafting is not my forte. When they said I have to join the kids to do the rafting, I could feel my heart thumping so hard.  Luckily, the guide put me in one raft with the other urusetia (psst, after I begged them to do so).  When the guide said the water was only level 0, you have no idea how happy I was. Lol. 

After looking at all these pictures, I realised I wasn't helping at all. The camera looked so yummy that I don't even bother to paddle.hihuho

 and I started paddling when they knew I didn'

Even though its level 0, it's still challenging as ever. and although it's challenging, we should never forget the camera.hoho


Oh, happy happy faces.  An attempt to make a peace-kembung. But huh im not the expert.

We've made it! 8 kilometres of paddling, we were so tired we could eat an elephant. 

Kiulu may not be the most challenging place to do water-rafting. But the scenery is so breath-takingly beautiful. And it's suitable for those who are aqua-phobia like ehem me.

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