Sunday, March 30, 2014

.apabila datang tsunami hati.

"walau dinding semua roboh
sentiasa ada lantai untuk sujud." -ain-

jom, kita senyum dan bangkit kembali! =)

Friday, March 28, 2014

.I'm a big big girl.

When mum is away, the sisters are always over-protective.  Like when I was in KKIA, waiting for my connecting flight to Bintulu, (which I had to wait for 6 hours ==') each of them called and asked what I was doing, where I was, with whom, and the question 'with whom' comes with a package; is the friend a male/female, who is she/he, when did we meet.  Oh ya, and not to forget the advices they gave; look after my belongings, don't trust the strangest strangers, and don't forget to eat.

And they can be soo unexpectedly sweet too. Like celebrating my birthday though it's not even April yet.  Why? coz I'm being posted somewhere far from home.  So, they said it would be better to celebrate it now since the day is just around the corner.  I'm so touched they remember my birthday coz I don't remember theirs. Teruknya. Sobs.  So remembering their birthdays should be included in my to-do-list. Should!

Anyway, since they know I'm so much in love with secret recipe, they bought various slices of SR cakes. Yummy!! ^^ (except the durian cheese cake). 

"Eh teda siapa ka mo nyanyikan aku lagu happy birthday?"
sisters: =='
"Oh. Ok nda pa. Aku nyanyi sendiri. Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to meee, Happy birthday to me."
Sisters: =='

Thursday, March 20, 2014

.row row row your boat.

Water-rafting is not my forte. When they said I have to join the kids to do the rafting, I could feel my heart thumping so hard.  Luckily, the guide put me in one raft with the other urusetia (psst, after I begged them to do so).  When the guide said the water was only level 0, you have no idea how happy I was. Lol. 

After looking at all these pictures, I realised I wasn't helping at all. The camera looked so yummy that I don't even bother to paddle.hihuho

 and I started paddling when they knew I didn'

Even though its level 0, it's still challenging as ever. and although it's challenging, we should never forget the camera.hoho


Oh, happy happy faces.  An attempt to make a peace-kembung. But huh im not the expert.

We've made it! 8 kilometres of paddling, we were so tired we could eat an elephant. 

Kiulu may not be the most challenging place to do water-rafting. But the scenery is so breath-takingly beautiful. And it's suitable for those who are aqua-phobia like ehem me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

.kapal terbang.

My weird 'plane sickness' is unbearable. I'm getting nervous for every single little turbulence. When I panic I will do something embarrassing like grabbing a stranger's hand (the person who sit next to me).   And I swear it happened unintentionally.  And I will get this whattheheck-look from the stranger.  That's why I always get nervous when I'm in the plane alone.  Sobs.


Friday, March 14, 2014

.warnawarni kinabalu.

I have never experienced climbing a mountain before.  Never in my life had experienced such thing.  I wasn’t prepared at all. No hiking shoes.  No appropriate clothes.  No mosquito repellent.  Thank God I had the guts to bring my track suit and my t-shirt.  If not, I have to sacrifice my hundreds to buy all those stuffs. 

Too bad, I woke up late the day we had the hiking.  So, I just grab those stuffs that reachable in my luggage.  Thus, the red shirt, and the yellow tudung.  Not matching at all. But, who cares kan.  Nobody is going to look at how matching ur clothes are in the forest, right?  But the worst part is, ‘adik, kau ini student spm ka?’ sobs. Sudah ku cakap, nda bole pakai warna warni. Mesti begini jadinya. :’(

we are lucky coz the mountain peak is visible.Alhamdulillah.
with the other urusetias.

.when the stalking goes wrong.

Usually my friend would fetch the guests a.k.a. speakers at the airport, entertain them and send them to the students  But she had classes to attend so I had to take over the tasks. Alone. With my boss.

It's such an extrinsic motivation when the boss allowed me to spend a night in Novotel Hotel while waiting for the guest to arrive. So, the night before, I did some research about the speaker (konon la). So I googled her and I found that she is a kindergarten entrepreneur.

one of the ways to look matured; coffee and newspaper.hoho

The next morning my boss and I fetched her at Le Meridien and we started our long journey to Tuaran (where the students are waiting for the talk). Long journey means long hours to ask questions, to smile and to be polite with  the guest. Huwaaaa!

So I started the conversation
'I heard you open a kindergarten' *smile and I saw my boss gave a quizzical look.
'Ha? No. No.' She laughed and started to explain her actual business.

Once I got back, I double checked the information I got.  Sobs.  Rupanya salah google. They share the same name but they are totally a different person. I'm not a good stalker.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

.while everyone is busy getting married, I'm goin on 'vacay'.

(such a long title ==')
Packing last minute is not my cup of tea
I tend to take out almost all the clothes in my wardrobe and stuffed them inside my luggage
And as usual, mum will start giving comments like,
'Kenapa ni? Mau bawa satu almari ka pergi sana?' tskk.

And the packing will start from maghrib until midnight. 

I wish I could hire somebody to help me pack my stuffs. It's so tiresome. Sobs.

p/s: Goodnight. May Allah ease everything for you. Pray for my journey tomorrow ok.