Saturday, February 8, 2014

.How to test your patience? Teach.

Don't underestimate primary school teachers; especially those who teach year 1-3.  The syllabus is not a problem.  It's the technique of teaching and the selection of topics that can give you headache for a week! (ya ampun overnya).

Last two weeks, they said 3+0 = 30; 1+0=10. 

Thank God I managed to get them right. Not everyone though. But at least some of them got it right.

This week... what happened was, one of my Year 1 kids answered,  5+3= F
Yes! F. The letter F! Then I thought, oh may be he accidentally wrote it. So I asked,

'Kenapa letak F?'
'Sebab 5+3=F'
'F tu nombor ka huruf?'

*nangis sambil pengsanpengsan*

And oh, some of my students are soo chatty.  Some even told me a chain story which is not related at all.

'Saya suka colour-colour. Buah-buahan pun cantik.  Lepas tu jalan-jalan jumpa hantu. Elsa tu cantik yang dalam cerita Frozen.'

Yes I remembered what she said coz it took a lot of effort to frown and to understand the message of the story; which required me to put my HOTs (higher order thinking skill) hat on. 

Bah.Ok lah teachers, I wish you all the best! Good night.

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