Sunday, February 23, 2014

.between laugh and cry.

When you wrote 'I have a shit' instead of 'I have a shirt',
When you wrote 'I have a penil' instead of 'I have a pencil' (oh thank God you didn't replace the 'l' with 's'),
When you said Rahmat is your mother, and Halimah is your father,
When the only phrase for father and mother is 'Father mother gentleman...oppa gangnam style'
and the only phrase for lady is 'heyyyy sexy ladyyy..op op op op oppa gangnam style',
When 'I' becomes 'M',
and 'F' becomes 'H',
That's when I realise that I need extra patience
and enjoy every moment with you while correcting your funny mistakes
You are just kids,
though I acted like an annoying stepmother,
You will still compete to be the first person to kiss my hand when the class ended.  (padahal mau cepat balik, but...whatever.) 

a kid's mum gave me this just to cheer me up. oi! sweetnya. thank you! =')

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