Tuesday, February 25, 2014

.kid, you win.

Zakwan sang while eating his lunch today...

'Good morning good morning good morning to you. Selamat pagi selamat pagi kepada cikgu kepada kawan' (apparently, it's his kindergarten song). 

So I said 'Abang, tak boleh nyanyi depan nasi'.

Then he turned his back and started singing again.

'Abang..auntie cakap apa tadi?'

'Abang nyanyi belakang nasi bah.'


Sunday, February 23, 2014

.between laugh and cry.

When you wrote 'I have a shit' instead of 'I have a shirt',
When you wrote 'I have a penil' instead of 'I have a pencil' (oh thank God you didn't replace the 'l' with 's'),
When you said Rahmat is your mother, and Halimah is your father,
When the only phrase for father and mother is 'Father mother gentleman...oppa gangnam style'
and the only phrase for lady is 'heyyyy sexy ladyyy..op op op op oppa gangnam style',
When 'I' becomes 'M',
and 'F' becomes 'H',
That's when I realise that I need extra patience
and enjoy every moment with you while correcting your funny mistakes
You are just kids,
though I acted like an annoying stepmother,
You will still compete to be the first person to kiss my hand when the class ended.  (padahal mau cepat balik, but...whatever.) 

a kid's mum gave me this just to cheer me up. oi! sweetnya. thank you! =')

Saturday, February 22, 2014

.Here Comes the Bride.

What's good about attending weddings?
The Food

Eyeing the guests' dress and fancy bajukurungs

Feast the eyes on the bride's flowy and princess-like dress

Catch up with old friends.


got a chance to admire the bride, sitting on the wedding dais looking extremely pretty.

The dais is so gorgeous I can't take my eyes of it. And of course she really owned the princess-look tonight. :')


Saturday, February 8, 2014

.How to test your patience? Teach.

Don't underestimate primary school teachers; especially those who teach year 1-3.  The syllabus is not a problem.  It's the technique of teaching and the selection of topics that can give you headache for a week! (ya ampun overnya).

Last two weeks, they said 3+0 = 30; 1+0=10. 

Thank God I managed to get them right. Not everyone though. But at least some of them got it right.

This week... what happened was, one of my Year 1 kids answered,  5+3= F
Yes! F. The letter F! Then I thought, oh may be he accidentally wrote it. So I asked,

'Kenapa letak F?'
'Sebab 5+3=F'
'F tu nombor ka huruf?'

*nangis sambil pengsanpengsan*

And oh, some of my students are soo chatty.  Some even told me a chain story which is not related at all.

'Saya suka colour-colour. Buah-buahan pun cantik.  Lepas tu jalan-jalan jumpa hantu. Elsa tu cantik yang dalam cerita Frozen.'

Yes I remembered what she said coz it took a lot of effort to frown and to understand the message of the story; which required me to put my HOTs (higher order thinking skill) hat on. 

Bah.Ok lah teachers, I wish you all the best! Good night.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

.in a split second.

'Rama, if we don't like this particular person, boleh ka kita tak senyum langsung dengan dia. Malas.'

'Aku ada baca dalam From My Sisters' Lip.  Dia cakap there are friends that you get along with better than others.  And there are those that you don't really gel with.  Islam teaches us to respect them and give them their rights.  Jadi senyum ja lah dengan those yang you cannot gel with tu.'

'Tapi aku tak mahu senyum. Nda mau!'

'Ish. Mana boleh. Kena senyum ok.' *senyum

*Few seconds later*

'Alamak. Dia.'


'Somebody from my past. And I hope dia tak recognise me.  I should avoid him.'

'Rama, senyum. Remember?'


Iya. Kita akan di uji dengan apa yang kita sampaikan. In my case, I was being tested exactly a few seconds after I gave my piece. And I could sense that I failed the test. Sobs.
'O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?'
(As-Saff 61:2)
It's good to know that somebody is willing to remind you of what you have just said.