Thursday, December 4, 2014

.v.i.p's birthday.

Remember last year?
We planned a surprise birthday party for you.  But it wasn't a success.  You had something else to do with your mum and we had to force you to come and meet us. Lol.

We planned to celebrate in Secret Recipe. But it was too cliché.  So, we celebrated your birthday in a 'haunted' park somewhere in Tawau.  Only 3 of us, but it felt like the whole marjon 1 were there to celebrate your birthday. (read:telampaubising) And it was a very sunny day. We thought it would be lovely to celebrate your birthday in the park.  Well, no.  It was hot, and there's a group of weird people next to us. So, we went back after 3 bites of cake.

Though it was the simplest birthday celebration ever, but it was the hardest to forget.

p/s: having trouble to upload pictures since last month.sobs

Saturday, November 22, 2014

.The Journey.

'The journey'.  It wasn't the great movie I've ever watched.  But, I really love that movie coz it brings along the memory between me and the two bestfriends.

I found the cd in G-Mart the other day, and I bought it without second thought.

And I watched the movie the day after.  And surprisingly, I cried when the movie started. May be I was too emotional.  Well, that was the last movie we watched together. Me, you, and her.  We were sitting side by side.  It was wonderful! We were jobless at that time.  But we managed to have our escapade every weekend.  Spending time together in our favourite place.  And share our happiness and sadness together over cakes and milkshakes (and sometimes camomile tea if we suddenly concern about our weight. lol.) 

Until career creates a distance between us. And marriage too.  We are growing up now.  It's like we are learning to have our own life.

6 years together, and it feels weird when you are no longer here with me.  She is miles and miles away from us.  But I was very glad that I have you.

But the day you said you wanna move out, I know, things will never be the same again.  But shoosh! I shouldn't be selfish.  I hold the tears until I was in the plane on Sunday.  I refused to talk about it.  And somehow I refused to go back home.  But life must go on. 

Remember you said? We have to be independent now. And maturity should come along.  It will be a long journey ahead.  Sooner or later, I realise, we have another commitment in life.  And I hope our friendship will last forever. Till Jannah (like we used to say)

The journey to maturity starts here...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

.celebrating hari malaysia, my way.

School holiday! It sounds good. But no yeay for me coz I spent most of my time with those whitecoat people with stethoscope hanging on their shoulders. I mean, doctors and hospitals and clinics and medicine. sobs.

To show how much I support the 1Malaysia thingy, I met doctors from three major races in Malaysia. (clap!). 

The Chinese doctor said I have an infection and a small operation should be done. He explained all the medicine that I should take, complete with the scientific names.  I gave him a clueless face.  'You are a teacher maa..sure you understand all the things I said'.  So leaving me with no choice, I said 'My major is English doc. Not biology.'

The malay doctor said it's just a normal thing, nothing to worry about.  She then gave me ear drops and said everything will be okay within a week (which is not!). And she's garang.  Sobs. 

Finally, I met this indian doctor.  He's sooo into ManU.  The ManU posters and stickers are everywhere in his clinic which makes the clinic looks so red.  (My Liverpool bestfriend shouldn't be brought here I guess). Anyway, that's not the point. The point is...the doctor is so cool! He knows how to make jokes.Lol.  He told me that the previous doctors prescribed me with the wrong medicine, which explained why I am still feeling the pain now. Sobs.  So, I hereby announced that the winner goes to the Indian doctor! Motif? Lol.

Happy Hols kids!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

.the 31st August speech.

It's the most special Merdeka Day ever!
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you.
Thank you very much. =')

Saturday, August 2, 2014

.tenang dan tunang.

'Kak sekarang saya tempat kahwin. Later saya call balik.'
'Ha??? Rama kahwin?'
'Eh bukan. Saya pergi orang lain punya kahwin.'
'Oo. Ingat Rama kahwin tadi.haha.'
'Haha. Bah.  Nanti sampai rumah lepas bertenang saya call.'
'Rama bertunang hari ni???'
'Ha?? Haha. Apa kakak ni. Saya cakap bertenang la.'

Ouh now I know, choices of words are really really important to avoid misunderstanding. Lol.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

.when all cars look the same.

It was embarrassing. I entered the wrong car! And there's an awkward silence for a few seconds in the car.  I swear it was the most terrible awkward moment ever! Like come on, I'm not to blame. It's the same colour as my friend's car. 
Only, it's a different type of car.
But still, it looks the same!
Ok la. it's not actually.

Sobs. I'm so noob in terms of cars.

"Nanti jangan salah masuk rumah pula ya." Pesan kawan saya. Ohoi. Malu. Bai.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

.walking down the memory lane.

Hari ini Rabu.
Esok Khamis.

Teringat dulu, ternanti-nanti hari Khamis. Excited!
semua berkumpul ramai-ramai dalam satu rumah berkongsi cerita-cerita syurga.
ada yang khusyuk mendengar
ada yang menulis
ada yang menguap tak henti-henti
ada yang khusyuk makan. ehem.
Lepas kongsi cerita syurga, kongsi masalah pula.
Semua masalah jadi ringan.
Hidup teratur.
Salah faham sangat nipis.
Ukhuwah sangat rapat.
Nangis sama-sama
Ketawa sama-sama
Lawak 'ukhuwahkacang' pun boleh ketawa guling-guling.

I miss being in a place where positive vibe can be easily found. I miss uk. It's not really about the place.  It's about the people in it. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

.hope the rainbow says hello.

Dear bloggy,

Mum is so excited
She already planned everything in her head
and it seems like she can't wait to tell me every little detail. (haha)
Though I'm worried sick right now...I still can smile
Coz seeing her happy, makes me happy.
May Allah protect you forever mum.
and may everything will be eased.

Goodnight world.
Have a goodnight sleep.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


School is awesome!
Coz we don't have weekends. 
I even wonder, how the weekends feel like.
But it's alright.  I love spending my time with all the students (though sometimes they are quite annoying.hoho)
I thank God, I'm not working in KK.
Coz if I did, then I dunno how could I resist the temptation to enjoy my weekends in the shopping mall every weekend.
Plus, living in this small town encourage me to do some saving for my future wedding. eh? kidding.
There's nothing to buy here except food
The only sophisticated shopping mall is Watson. And yeah, Milimewa (perhaps).
Nothing to buy there.
So it's a good news for my bank account.
Eh, seems like, I should go now.
Another meeting to attend.
The word 'meeting' sounds very mature (and boring).
Ok lah. Have a nice day people!

Monday, May 19, 2014

.Teacher's diary (teacher a.k.a. operator).

When people say, I always embarrassed myself, I didn't believe them.  Until today, when I was assigned to call all the parents of form5 students, I realised, I did embarrass myself.  I was lucky though coz the parents don't see my face.

Parent 1:
Me: Assalamualaikum, Encik A.  Saya cikgu Ramadana dari SMU ingin menjemput Encik untuk Majlis perasmian blablabla
Encik A: Iya cikgu Ramadana.  Sebenarnya sekarang ni saya di sekolah yang sama dengan cikgu Ramadana. 

Yes. He was one of the teachers there.  And I totally forgot about that =='.  And he laughed at me. Double =='

Parent 2:
Me: Assalamualaikum Encik J.  Saya Cikgu Ramadana dari SMU ingin menjemput Encik ke Majlis perasmian blablabla..
Encik J: Maaf. Siape ni ye?
Me: Cikgu Ramadana.
Encik J: Ye cikgu.  Kenape cikgu call saye ye?
Me: Berkenaan Majlis Perasmian untuk kem motivasi pelajar tingkatan 5.
Encik J: Em..ape kaitan dengan saye ye?
Me: Anak encik, H, belajar di SMU kan?
Encik J: *laughing* Sorry cikgu. Saye rase cikgu salah number ni.  Saye takde anak lagi. Hahahaha.
Me: *Malu* Oh. Maaf. Assalamualaikum.Bai.

Parent 3:
Me: Assalamualaikum Puan M. Puan Ibu kepada Azrul?
Puan M: Azrul?? Sia teda anak nama Azrul.
Me: Puan bukan ada anak tingkatan 5 di SMU ka?
Puan M: Ada. Tapi nama dia bukan Azrul.
Me: (*facepalm. It was somebody else's name. lol)

Parent 4:
Me: Assalamualaikum Encik G.  Saya Cikgu Ramadana dari SMU.
Encik G: ya ya ya
Me: Kami ada makluman.  Kami ingin menjemput Encik G untuk ke majlis perasmian pembukaan kem motivasi kecemerlangan pelajar tingkatan 5 pada 25 Mei ini pukul 8.30 pagi di dewan sekolah blablabla
Encik G: Sakajap. Sakajap. Apa cigu cakap ini? Tia sia paham. Sia panggil isteri sia dulu ah cigu.

Parent 5:
Me: Assalamualaikum Puan N. Saya Cikgu Ramadana dari SMU. Kami ada makluman.  Kami ingin menjemput puan ke Majlis....
Puan N: Saya tau tu cigu.  Tapi begini bah cigu, saya orang susah.  Tiada kereta mau pigi sana.  Kasian bah kami ni cigu.  Apa boleh buat lah kan blablablablabla

(And it turns out I have to be a counsellor, consoling a mother who feels very guilty of her poverty. She's a good mum.  I hope her daughter knows that. Sobs.)

I finished everything at 4 pm.  I was so tired I could sleep the whole month. Lol. Over.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

.Teacher's diary. (when you know nothing about saving a life)

Student: Miss! Miss! Ada orang sesak nafas. Cepat sini Miss!
Teacher: Ha?? *cemas.
Student: Apa kita kena buat ni, Miss?
Teacher: Bernafas! Bernafas! Bernafas! (sambil tepuk-tepuk belakang budaksesaknafas)
Student: Miss, jangan. Mungkin kita kena kipas dia. Bagi udara sikit.

Tiba-tiba ustaz lalu.

Teacher: Ustaz tolong!
Ustaz: Jom! Bawa dia ke hospital.

Teacher: *why didn't I think about it before?? =='

Thursday, April 24, 2014

.a good daughter: under construction.

A friend told me, we don't always get the things we wanted.  Why?  Coz the thing we want is not the thing we need. It might not be good for us, but it will surely be the best; we will discover it sooner or later.

I love mum.  I know her intention.  She only wants the best for me.  Always! Without fail.
It's just that, this time, I think I should tell her how bad the situation is.  May Allah ease the path I take. Amin.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

.there's a man in me.

That was a shock.  When I entered the room, I saw a teacher, who is older than me, was crying all by herself.

There I was; standing in front of her doing nothing! It was so awkward especially for somebody like me who doesn't even have the talent to console people. I was indecisive; should I hug her? or should I ask 'are you ok?' or should I cry with her? or should I touch her shoulder and say 'Bersabarlah' or should I just ignore her??  It was sooo a.w.k.w.a.r.d.  

And it's more awkward (and stupid at the same time) when I suddenly said 'eh kak ada pula pinggan kotor sini kan.  Berbau. Kan?' Don't blame me.  I was trying to cheer her up with my stupid question. 

Though she didn't say anything, she did smile. 

I seriously dunno what's wrong with her. 

Mungkin dia mengalami tekanan yang tinggi mengajar di sekolah ini. (sebab sekolah atas bukit, jadi tekanan pun

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Hello Mr. Sunday!"

Define Sunday:

-No classes
-No students nagging and clinging
-No teaching
-No formal attire
-No books to mark
-No lessons to plan

So Sunday is the day to...

-go jogging with best friend and be as immature as we can and enjoy the breath taking scenery =)
-watch favourite channels =)
-do the laundry while singing favourite songs =)
-clean the room while having a good chat with bestfriend =)
-call mum and tell her the whole things that happened during the weekdays =)
-read the favourite novel  =)
-sleeeeeeppp =)

jogging to this view; mesmerised by God's creation

a good book and a finger-lickin icecream are always a good combination.

The students called me Madam Rama. But they thought I am a 22 y.o. practicum teacher.  So, I guess it's because they can't differentiate the meaning of madam and miss.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

.apabila datang tsunami hati.

"walau dinding semua roboh
sentiasa ada lantai untuk sujud." -ain-

jom, kita senyum dan bangkit kembali! =)

Friday, March 28, 2014

.I'm a big big girl.

When mum is away, the sisters are always over-protective.  Like when I was in KKIA, waiting for my connecting flight to Bintulu, (which I had to wait for 6 hours ==') each of them called and asked what I was doing, where I was, with whom, and the question 'with whom' comes with a package; is the friend a male/female, who is she/he, when did we meet.  Oh ya, and not to forget the advices they gave; look after my belongings, don't trust the strangest strangers, and don't forget to eat.

And they can be soo unexpectedly sweet too. Like celebrating my birthday though it's not even April yet.  Why? coz I'm being posted somewhere far from home.  So, they said it would be better to celebrate it now since the day is just around the corner.  I'm so touched they remember my birthday coz I don't remember theirs. Teruknya. Sobs.  So remembering their birthdays should be included in my to-do-list. Should!

Anyway, since they know I'm so much in love with secret recipe, they bought various slices of SR cakes. Yummy!! ^^ (except the durian cheese cake). 

"Eh teda siapa ka mo nyanyikan aku lagu happy birthday?"
sisters: =='
"Oh. Ok nda pa. Aku nyanyi sendiri. Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to meee, Happy birthday to me."
Sisters: =='

Thursday, March 20, 2014

.row row row your boat.

Water-rafting is not my forte. When they said I have to join the kids to do the rafting, I could feel my heart thumping so hard.  Luckily, the guide put me in one raft with the other urusetia (psst, after I begged them to do so).  When the guide said the water was only level 0, you have no idea how happy I was. Lol. 

After looking at all these pictures, I realised I wasn't helping at all. The camera looked so yummy that I don't even bother to paddle.hihuho

 and I started paddling when they knew I didn'

Even though its level 0, it's still challenging as ever. and although it's challenging, we should never forget the camera.hoho


Oh, happy happy faces.  An attempt to make a peace-kembung. But huh im not the expert.

We've made it! 8 kilometres of paddling, we were so tired we could eat an elephant. 

Kiulu may not be the most challenging place to do water-rafting. But the scenery is so breath-takingly beautiful. And it's suitable for those who are aqua-phobia like ehem me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

.kapal terbang.

My weird 'plane sickness' is unbearable. I'm getting nervous for every single little turbulence. When I panic I will do something embarrassing like grabbing a stranger's hand (the person who sit next to me).   And I swear it happened unintentionally.  And I will get this whattheheck-look from the stranger.  That's why I always get nervous when I'm in the plane alone.  Sobs.


Friday, March 14, 2014

.warnawarni kinabalu.

I have never experienced climbing a mountain before.  Never in my life had experienced such thing.  I wasn’t prepared at all. No hiking shoes.  No appropriate clothes.  No mosquito repellent.  Thank God I had the guts to bring my track suit and my t-shirt.  If not, I have to sacrifice my hundreds to buy all those stuffs. 

Too bad, I woke up late the day we had the hiking.  So, I just grab those stuffs that reachable in my luggage.  Thus, the red shirt, and the yellow tudung.  Not matching at all. But, who cares kan.  Nobody is going to look at how matching ur clothes are in the forest, right?  But the worst part is, ‘adik, kau ini student spm ka?’ sobs. Sudah ku cakap, nda bole pakai warna warni. Mesti begini jadinya. :’(

we are lucky coz the mountain peak is visible.Alhamdulillah.
with the other urusetias.

.when the stalking goes wrong.

Usually my friend would fetch the guests a.k.a. speakers at the airport, entertain them and send them to the students  But she had classes to attend so I had to take over the tasks. Alone. With my boss.

It's such an extrinsic motivation when the boss allowed me to spend a night in Novotel Hotel while waiting for the guest to arrive. So, the night before, I did some research about the speaker (konon la). So I googled her and I found that she is a kindergarten entrepreneur.

one of the ways to look matured; coffee and newspaper.hoho

The next morning my boss and I fetched her at Le Meridien and we started our long journey to Tuaran (where the students are waiting for the talk). Long journey means long hours to ask questions, to smile and to be polite with  the guest. Huwaaaa!

So I started the conversation
'I heard you open a kindergarten' *smile and I saw my boss gave a quizzical look.
'Ha? No. No.' She laughed and started to explain her actual business.

Once I got back, I double checked the information I got.  Sobs.  Rupanya salah google. They share the same name but they are totally a different person. I'm not a good stalker.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

.while everyone is busy getting married, I'm goin on 'vacay'.

(such a long title ==')
Packing last minute is not my cup of tea
I tend to take out almost all the clothes in my wardrobe and stuffed them inside my luggage
And as usual, mum will start giving comments like,
'Kenapa ni? Mau bawa satu almari ka pergi sana?' tskk.

And the packing will start from maghrib until midnight. 

I wish I could hire somebody to help me pack my stuffs. It's so tiresome. Sobs.

p/s: Goodnight. May Allah ease everything for you. Pray for my journey tomorrow ok.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

.kid, you win.

Zakwan sang while eating his lunch today...

'Good morning good morning good morning to you. Selamat pagi selamat pagi kepada cikgu kepada kawan' (apparently, it's his kindergarten song). 

So I said 'Abang, tak boleh nyanyi depan nasi'.

Then he turned his back and started singing again.

'Abang..auntie cakap apa tadi?'

'Abang nyanyi belakang nasi bah.'


Sunday, February 23, 2014

.between laugh and cry.

When you wrote 'I have a shit' instead of 'I have a shirt',
When you wrote 'I have a penil' instead of 'I have a pencil' (oh thank God you didn't replace the 'l' with 's'),
When you said Rahmat is your mother, and Halimah is your father,
When the only phrase for father and mother is 'Father mother gentleman...oppa gangnam style'
and the only phrase for lady is 'heyyyy sexy ladyyy..op op op op oppa gangnam style',
When 'I' becomes 'M',
and 'F' becomes 'H',
That's when I realise that I need extra patience
and enjoy every moment with you while correcting your funny mistakes
You are just kids,
though I acted like an annoying stepmother,
You will still compete to be the first person to kiss my hand when the class ended.  (padahal mau cepat balik, but...whatever.) 

a kid's mum gave me this just to cheer me up. oi! sweetnya. thank you! =')

Saturday, February 22, 2014

.Here Comes the Bride.

What's good about attending weddings?
The Food

Eyeing the guests' dress and fancy bajukurungs

Feast the eyes on the bride's flowy and princess-like dress

Catch up with old friends.


got a chance to admire the bride, sitting on the wedding dais looking extremely pretty.

The dais is so gorgeous I can't take my eyes of it. And of course she really owned the princess-look tonight. :')


Saturday, February 8, 2014

.How to test your patience? Teach.

Don't underestimate primary school teachers; especially those who teach year 1-3.  The syllabus is not a problem.  It's the technique of teaching and the selection of topics that can give you headache for a week! (ya ampun overnya).

Last two weeks, they said 3+0 = 30; 1+0=10. 

Thank God I managed to get them right. Not everyone though. But at least some of them got it right.

This week... what happened was, one of my Year 1 kids answered,  5+3= F
Yes! F. The letter F! Then I thought, oh may be he accidentally wrote it. So I asked,

'Kenapa letak F?'
'Sebab 5+3=F'
'F tu nombor ka huruf?'

*nangis sambil pengsanpengsan*

And oh, some of my students are soo chatty.  Some even told me a chain story which is not related at all.

'Saya suka colour-colour. Buah-buahan pun cantik.  Lepas tu jalan-jalan jumpa hantu. Elsa tu cantik yang dalam cerita Frozen.'

Yes I remembered what she said coz it took a lot of effort to frown and to understand the message of the story; which required me to put my HOTs (higher order thinking skill) hat on. 

Bah.Ok lah teachers, I wish you all the best! Good night.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

.in a split second.

'Rama, if we don't like this particular person, boleh ka kita tak senyum langsung dengan dia. Malas.'

'Aku ada baca dalam From My Sisters' Lip.  Dia cakap there are friends that you get along with better than others.  And there are those that you don't really gel with.  Islam teaches us to respect them and give them their rights.  Jadi senyum ja lah dengan those yang you cannot gel with tu.'

'Tapi aku tak mahu senyum. Nda mau!'

'Ish. Mana boleh. Kena senyum ok.' *senyum

*Few seconds later*

'Alamak. Dia.'


'Somebody from my past. And I hope dia tak recognise me.  I should avoid him.'

'Rama, senyum. Remember?'


Iya. Kita akan di uji dengan apa yang kita sampaikan. In my case, I was being tested exactly a few seconds after I gave my piece. And I could sense that I failed the test. Sobs.
'O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?'
(As-Saff 61:2)
It's good to know that somebody is willing to remind you of what you have just said. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

.a lil bead crazy. (manik bersilang)

You have no idea how much time I spend staring and standing in front of all the beads in one of the beads shops in town until the salesgirl whispered loudly to her friend; 'cuba kau layan dulu customer baju merah ni' and she's gone minute later.  And nobody entertained me after that. Oh, so much for budi bahasa budaya kita.  Sobs.  But it's alright coz I love to do the beads-browsing alone.  Like you know, it feels so awkward if somebody acting so much like a digi-i-will-follow-you; following every single step you make. Ehe.

So I went home with all the beads I need. See, the staring is worth it ok, salesgirl. Eh?

Then I tried to mix and match all the beads I bought.  And tadaaa....  

Not as tidy and pretty as the one I saw in google tho.   But there's no harm in trying kan. ;)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

.lagu berjuara.

AJL.  Sudah masuk yang ke-28.  Tak sangka.  Kali terakhir tengok AJL masa umur 17 tahun.  Itu pun tengok sampai pukul 10 lebih.  Sebab biological clock cakap pukul 10 harus tidur.ehe.

Satu-satunya AJL yang tengok sampai habis adalah pada tahun 1998 (ya ampun skemanya ayat).  Tak tau macam mana boleh bertahan sampai lewat malam. Minum kopi lima cawan kali.

Selepas 17 tahun, masuk maktab dan university, eh tiba-tiba tak tahu AJL tu berdiri untuk apa (baca: stands for what). Ceh. Padahal tak ada tv dan malas tengok atas talian (baca: online). 

Teringat, masa Aizat menang tahun lalu.  Ramai yang menghebahkan cerita yang Aizat sangat cool pegang mug nyanyi lagu Yuna.  Cuba mencarinya di Youtube.  Cis. Lagu 'terukir di bintang tak mungkin hilang...' Sebab saya tak suka lagu itu saya tak jadi menikmati ke-cool-an Aizat pegang mug.(alaa mug ja pun) 

Malam ini, saya mengulangi sejarah tahun 1998. Itu pun sebab tertidur pukul 8 dan terbangun pukul 9 lebih.  Baru perasan irama traditional, balada dan pop rock sudah tiada bah kan? Iya. Ketinggalan zaman. Biar.

Tapi heels yang di pakai Jac sangat cantik.

p/s: Oh, such an abrupt ending.  Coz it's 1 am.  and I'm not a 'night owl'. Time to sleep everyone. Kroih kroih

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

.they said colours affect emotions.

so here's my attempt to combine all the colours,

hope it will affect your emotions too. =)

Monday, January 13, 2014

.say sawi to pm.

This kangkung-thingy is kinda overrated (especially on fb). Move on people.  It's not like the pm is gonna cancel the price hike just because you threaten and intimidate him with your never ending kangkung story. 

On the Authority of Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah said,
"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak good things or keep silent." 
(HR Bukhari dan Muslim)
So if we think that our kangkung-post is not relevant or involved more emotional than intellectual thought, then perhaps we better keep quiet.
p/s: The funniest kangkung joke so far: "This kangkung obsession is fast becoming a laughing stalk. I predict a celery increase soon.  But the government doesn't carrot all.  Lettuce get to the root of the problem. We have mushroom for improvement." (a compilation of Harith Iskander's twit.hihi)
Eyp rama.  This is not relevant at all! Ok. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

.hold my hands.

Send someone to love me
I need to rest in arms
Keep me safe from harm
In pouring rain

I dunno, I keep on humming this song today.
And the only person I can think of is you

Remember that one night, I sneaked into your room.  It was midnight.   Thank God, you were still awake while your roommates was sleeping.  You asked me 'Why?' and I had nothing to say but cried in you arms; your comfy-fluffy arms as you used to call it. You said 'No worries.  Everything will get better in time.'

3 years later.  Once again I sneaked into your room.  You asked 'Is everything ok?' I said nothing but cried. In your arms.  Again. It felt so warmth and tender I wish I could rest in your arms forever. 'No worries. If the decision you've made bring you closer to Him, then worry not.' Ah, you are getting wiser in giving advices.  No wonder everybody loves you.

I thank Allah many times for sending you and each one of you girls to me.  That sisterly hugs.  That tender arms.  That joy and happiness. *smile. Hope everyone is doing good despite all the resentment that we are facing now.

p/s: It's raining outside. and I miss everyone so bad. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

.the kindergarten days.

My nephew's second week at kindergarten: 

'Hari ni abang buat apa di sekolah?'
'Teacher suruh kaler apa?'
'Apple. Teacher suruh kaler red.  Abang tak mahu. Abang mahu kaler hijau.'
'Eh mana boleh camtu. Jadi teacher bagi ka kaler hijau?'
'Tidak. Jadi abang tak mau buat.'

He loves green. Nanti besar kita tau sudah dia pangkah mana satu masa PRU. ehe

'Abang nangis ka di sekolah hari ni?'
'Kenapa abang nangis? Teacher marah?'
'Tidak. Kawan abang nangis.'
'Abang pun nangis la.'

Every day he provides me with different stories. Most of his stories required me to use KBKK a lot. lol

Sunday, January 5, 2014

.the basketball story.

Malam tu,
Bintang tak ada.
Balik dari library, ketuk pintu bilik sambil senyum.
ajak mereka main basketball
10 malam!
tak sangka mereka ikut. (*senyum)
main dengan semangat.
ketawa sana sini.
lepas main, eh, tiba-tiba emo
menangis tumbuk tiang basketball.
supaya nampak matang, konon.
kumpul satu bulatan,
mereka dengar cerita sedih.
satu-satu muka berkerut
satu-satu bagi nasihat
satu-satu bagi pinjam bahu

That was the basketball story from MY point of view.
When I heard the same story from dib and iylia, lol! I can't believe it's totally the other way round! :

Malam tu,
semua sudah kami buat,
Basuh muka, cuci kaki, pakai lotion tangan dan kaki,
Tinggal tidur ja.
Tetiba kau masuk bilik.
muka miserable gila ajak main basket.
10 malam!
tapi sebab muka miserable tu, kami ikut main.
walaupun badan melekit-lekit,
akibat lotion dan peluh menjadi sebati,
kami tetap main dengan penuh semangat,
lepas main, eh, tiba-tiba nangis.
kau nangis macam drama tv.
bole menang Oscar.
paha kami kau tumbuk. Lebam-lebam.
semua tahan sakit
tapi tak apa.
kau kan kawan.

Hahaha. Now, I can laugh about it. Silly me. No wonder muka berkerut-kerut.  Ingatkan tumbuk tiang, rupanya tumbuk kawan. Ampun.

Maka, dengan ini saya ingin meminta maaf kepada kawan-kawan yang terlibat dalam basketball 10 malam, dua tahun lalu. =)


Thursday, January 2, 2014

.dress like a princess.

I had promised myself not to look at their page again. Not until I've got enough money to buy at least a piece for each colour (eh, over).  But, God! The temptation is too high. Too high until I can't even stop myself from scrolling their page and imagining how perfectly beautiful we can be if we could manage to grab one.  Somehow, I think I'm willing to be the model just so I could wear the dress for free. Oii patheticnya ya Tuhan.

Since most brides opt for pastel colours for nikah, I think this is perfect for the event:

and this dusty pink dress for reception:

and for dinner, I think this glorious maroon will look nice too:

 and if you want to look more elegant, this stunning black might be a little bit of help.

This is for tea party or casual look. The colour will bring the sweetness in you. =)

For those who don't really favour white, may be you can step out of your comfort zone for a while and try this white-y dress for your big day. You will surely look stunning!  White dress and red roses, such a perfect combo!

Oh, was definitely love at first sight when I saw these dresses on fb.

I think the setting helps to light up the dress.  The stairs and the dresses are too perfect together. Imagine, running down the stairs with your flow-y dress swifts nicely in every step you take.  And with a pair of delicate glass shoes to complete your look, you pretend to fall and left one shoe just so the prince could have the other pair. Then he would find you no matter where you are coz you are 'the girl in a flowy dress and a glass shoe'.  Tsk. Too imaginative.  Too Cinderella-ish. Ok stop.

Btw, for those of you who have money but still wondering how to use it, may be you can visit this link and buy the dress to cheer you up. Hoho.

p/s:  I'm positive that it's all because of the model, the dress has nothing to do with it.  If she's not adorable, do you think people will buy it? (ayat kasi sedap hati bai!)