Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interview?? What's that? Food?

Ok. Just straight to the point.

Interview was at 10 am.  Dib and I came at 9.59.  Punctual enough? Thank you. Why did we come on time, but not in time? Coz we know, there's something wrong with Malaysian time.  If somebody said 'Jumpa pukul 10 ya'.  Well, it means 'jumpa pukul 10.30'.  

Ouh, it turns out worst.  The six of us being ushered into the interview room at 1.40 pm.  (Nampak tak permainannya disitu?).  Almost 4 hours of waiting! Hey, hey I'm not complaining. Coz one of my friends had to wait for 6 hours.

Then, 2 hours in the interview room. Got 3 sessions instead of 2. The questions were tough.  When the interviewer mentioned about a best seller book, seriously, I can't help myself from thinking of Sophie Kinsella's.  Thank God, I didn't blurt out my answer.  Coz if I did, I will embarrass my entire generation (hyperbole). The answer to his question is 'Blue Ocean Strategies'.  I was like 'blue what??'  Urghhh.

Next killer question was 'Rama, anda seorang wanita. Jadi siapa menteri pembangunan wanita dan keluarga yang baru dilantik?'  Honestly, I just saw her name on tv3 yesterday.  But, I can't remember.  Blame me for being forgetful.  Eating tooo many ants perhaps.  I just remember the initial 'R'. So I confidently answered  Datuk Ramlah. He laughed! Urghhh again! Who on earth is Ramlah, Rama?? Who? Face palm.

Next, full name of Menteri Belia dan sukan. Ouh, 'Khairy Jamaluddin' my friend said.  Then the interviewer asked about his father's name.  Tell me people, what's the name of his father?  Cheers if you know it.  Coz I

After 2 hours, I felt like vomiting. My brain was too congested.  Before this, I never had the guts to read about GTP, GST, ETP, NKRA, NKEA, PPPM, TEKUN, TUKAR, LINUS, KSSM, KSSR, HJSK,SKDI,JRNFR,JRFNLDSLDOIDDSLI, DJDJDO (ouh pardon me. Too many acronyms.  I dunno which is which).  Thanks to SPP (eh another

Smiles can be deceiving. Yes. Only Ben gave the real emotion.

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