Saturday, December 28, 2013

get sweat!

I hit the court today. Badminton!! After almost 2 years I didn't hold the racquet, well, today I did. *Smile

I was so excited that I ironed my jersey the day before.  Lolol, excited much? The next day, sister was surprised to see me.  'Tema apa hari ni? Majulah sukan untuk Negara?' Haha. She's always like that.  Whenever I go out, she will give a theme to my outfit.

It was my first time in the stadium.  I had no idea where the badminton court is.  But, I walked like I've been there before. =='
Then I saw a guy whom I reckoned was going to play badminton too.  So, I walked behind him.  When he realised that I was being a spooky stalker, he asked,

'Buat apa sini?'
'Sini stor. Sana court'.
Ouh shoot malu. So I changed my direction.

'Sana arah toilet la cik. Masuk pintu kanan tu.'


Anyway, we played for an hour (non stop).  Azlan won the match.  Twice.  As expected.  Though two of us played against him energetically, but he still won. Sobs. May be coz we talk a lot kot while playing and not to mention the thousands of 'ooooh' 'aaaah' 'arghhh' 'eeeeee'. So, all the energy being channelled to the mouth, not to the hands and feet.  Sobs.


 p/s: Balik rumah terus demam. Majulah sukan untuk negaralah sangat.


JARYN said...

u never fail to put laughter into ones' face :) majulah rama demi badminton

ana rama said...

haha.majulah jaryn untuk semua. =p