Friday, December 20, 2013


'Hati-hati di luar Negara.  Diorang tak tau adat.  Pickpockets! Hati-hati. Pegang handbag rapat-rapat.  Diorang racist tau. Tudung jangan tanggal.  Diorang tak berbudi bahasa, tak macam orang Malaysia.  Hati-hati.  Nanti diorang bagi makanan tak halal.  Jangan ambil.  Hati-hati.  Orang putih ada pisau, senapang, nanti diorang tembak mati.  Hati-hati'

-Some of the many advices before I went to uk 3 years ago.

Ironically, the advices are more applicable in Malaysia.  The ministers always say 'Malaysia masih aman'.  I don't know if I am stupid or what, but somehow I don't understand the meaning of 'aman'.  What do they mean by 'aman' anyway?  Almost everyday the news reported about crime, murder, rape, accident, suicidal and all sorts of violence.  Are those defined how 'aman' our country is?   

Today, a taxi driver told me a recent incident that happened to his friend.  That night, his friend was on his way home when suddenly a 4-5 year old boy was in the middle of the road, stopping his taxi.  So, he stopped and asked the boy to move.  But the boy cried and asked for a lift home.  This concerned taxi driver was kind enough to give him a lift.  When the boy was about to get into the passenger seat, suddenly three strangers (all boys) with a knife get into the taxi.  Their knife was pressed against the taxi driver's neck and ordered him to quickly drive to the bank.  There, they threatened to kill him if he didn't withdraw all his money.  Thinking that life is more valuable than money, this man gave up the latter.  But still, he had to be hospitalised due to serious injury on his neck. Poor pakcik.

People are becoming crueller and meaner I suppose.  We do want to help those in need.  But, somehow it's hard to trust people nowadays.  Those gangsters are smart.  They take children and women for granted.  They used them like a toy to get what they want. The innocence really want to help, but they become victims eventually.  So who's to blame?  The gangsters??

No!  They do that because they want to live.  They don't have enough money to live.  Everything has prices.  Even dirty toilets! 30-50 cents! All the prices go up, but the wages still the same.  Corruption is everywhere. Not only among the ministers, even among those little tiny civil servants as well.  Why do they do that?  Coz they want to live.  Survival skills. Perhaps.  More corruption, more money in their pockets, and less money for the people. 

Don't you think, we are like ikan bilis surrounded by big whales in a small aquarium, trying to stay in the water and fighting for air?  Will we survive??  Hard to tell.  The whales will conquer every single little tiny space in the aquarium and if they hungry, they might as well eat us.  End of story.   

Eyes on the mat sallehs.  Mana tau dorang ada bawak pisau/m16.ehe.

By the way,
2014, goodluck!


Anonymous said...

wow... dah pandai berpolitik sekarang..
mana blajar nie??
ade bukti ke rasuah? percaya sgt pembangkang...

ana rama said...

membangkang x bermaksud pro pembangkang. menyokong x semestinya pro kerajaan. =)