Tuesday, December 31, 2013

.A late-night message.

Walk the talk
easy to say but hard to do
I might say lots of things
lots and lots of advices,
coz they are logical
coz they sound so mature
coz I read them in books, in magazines
and by saying them, I'm hoping I could be the one I'm not.

No, no
I was not crying
I was frustrated
and I was thinking why I sounded so logical, so matured, so intelligent?
am I trying to impress people?
am I pushing myself too hard?
am I really trying so hard to change my fate?

I don't know
I'm not sure
too many emotions involved
until I couldn't think rationally
I'm too selfish! I want to have what I'm longing to have
coz I'm afraid of losing once again

Shoot! It shouldn't be that way I know.
I'm daydreaming a lot
too many fairy tales in my head
watched too many Barbies and Enchanted.
Feels like slapping myself
and pinch my toes.
'Wake up! It's 2014!and for the thousandth time, fairy tales don't exist!'

p/s: happy new year. be happy. no matter what.


Adib Hitam said...

That's what ive been trying to tell people! It is always easy to give advice. And most of the time, we knew the advice very very well - sabarlah, rajinlah, redhalah, berusahalah. but still we need to hear it from somebody else. I guess to get the boost we need, to take charge!

Happy new year darling. May all the good things come to you this 2014!

ana rama said...

tell me bout it.tsk.

happy new year too. may 2014 will bring happiness to you too dear.

miss u

like so much!

d@v!d t3h said...

Boleh bah klu Rama!!! Hahahahaha

ana rama said...

happy jugak tu dave.haha