Tuesday, December 31, 2013

.A late-night message.

Walk the talk
easy to say but hard to do
I might say lots of things
lots and lots of advices,
coz they are logical
coz they sound so mature
coz I read them in books, in magazines
and by saying them, I'm hoping I could be the one I'm not.

No, no
I was not crying
I was frustrated
and I was thinking why I sounded so logical, so matured, so intelligent?
am I trying to impress people?
am I pushing myself too hard?
am I really trying so hard to change my fate?

I don't know
I'm not sure
too many emotions involved
until I couldn't think rationally
I'm too selfish! I want to have what I'm longing to have
coz I'm afraid of losing once again

Shoot! It shouldn't be that way I know.
I'm daydreaming a lot
too many fairy tales in my head
watched too many Barbies and Enchanted.
Feels like slapping myself
and pinch my toes.
'Wake up! It's 2014!and for the thousandth time, fairy tales don't exist!'

p/s: happy new year. be happy. no matter what.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

get sweat!

I hit the court today. Badminton!! After almost 2 years I didn't hold the racquet, well, today I did. *Smile

I was so excited that I ironed my jersey the day before.  Lolol, excited much? The next day, sister was surprised to see me.  'Tema apa hari ni? Majulah sukan untuk Negara?' Haha. She's always like that.  Whenever I go out, she will give a theme to my outfit.

It was my first time in the stadium.  I had no idea where the badminton court is.  But, I walked like I've been there before. =='
Then I saw a guy whom I reckoned was going to play badminton too.  So, I walked behind him.  When he realised that I was being a spooky stalker, he asked,

'Buat apa sini?'
'Sini stor. Sana court'.
Ouh shoot malu. So I changed my direction.

'Sana arah toilet la cik. Masuk pintu kanan tu.'


Anyway, we played for an hour (non stop).  Azlan won the match.  Twice.  As expected.  Though two of us played against him energetically, but he still won. Sobs. May be coz we talk a lot kot while playing and not to mention the thousands of 'ooooh' 'aaaah' 'arghhh' 'eeeeee'. So, all the energy being channelled to the mouth, not to the hands and feet.  Sobs.


 p/s: Balik rumah terus demam. Majulah sukan untuk negaralah sangat.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Dalam kereta. Lampu merah atas jalan.  Kereta berhenti.  Tiba-tiba muncul kereta dari arah belakang memotong dengan laju dan langgar lampu merah.  Hebat!:

'Ish. Kurang asam betul! @#$%^^&*&$%!'
'Sabar.  Mungkin bini dia mau bersalin.'
'Mana ada perempuan dalam kereta tu.'
'Mungkin dia mau pergi hospital.'
'Hospital arah sana. Bukan sini!'
'Dia ada emergency tu.'
'Emergency apanya sampai potong orang langgar lampu merah! Rude!'
'Anak dia kemalangan ka. Kan? Kita tak tahu.'


Dalam kereta.  Pasang signal ke kanan.  Sangat pasti tidak ada kenderaan dari arah belakang sebelah kanan.  Muncul motorsikal secara tiba-tiba.  Ditunggang dengan laju dan bahaya:

'Bawak girlfriend! Patutlah laju. Mau tunjuk macho la tu. Huh!'
'Dia bawa lelaki rambut panjang mungkin.'
'Mustahil!Pegang pinggang lelaki tu kuat-kuat macam tak mahu lepas.  Lelaki mana ada buat macam tu. Unless dia gay.'
'Mungkin isteri dia.'
'No no. Isteri tak kan pegang kuat-kuat macam tu.'
'Kenapa pula?'


Tunggu orang.

'Dia tak sampai-sampai lagi'
'Jalan jam mungkin.'
'Kalau dah tau jalan jam, geraklah awal.Ish.'
'Dia urus bini dia baru bersalin mungkin.'
'Tak apa lah.  Kejap lagi mungkin dia sampai.'
'Kalau pun lambat, bagi tahu lah awal-awal!'
'Mungkin dia habis kredit'


Tunggu phone call.

'Dia tak telefon-telefon lagi.'
'Dia sibuk kot.'
'Tak. Mustahil. Selalu dia free ja.'
'Dia tak ada kredit mungkin.'
'Aku telefon pun dia tak angkat.'
'Dia tertinggal phone?'
'Takkan lah tertinggal phone sampai satu hari!'
'Dia tak sedar tu telefon bunyi. Silent mode.'
'Tak.Tak. Dia memang sengaja.  Dia tak mahu cakap dengan aku. Dia memang sengaja!'
'Dia penat tu. Banyak kerja.'
(1 message received)- "Sorry. Kredit habis. Handphone silent.  Busy buat research."


p/s: Be positive and make excuses for every unfortunate things that happened. (Most days, words speak louder than action.ehe.)

Friday, December 20, 2013


'Hati-hati di luar Negara.  Diorang tak tau adat.  Pickpockets! Hati-hati. Pegang handbag rapat-rapat.  Diorang racist tau. Tudung jangan tanggal.  Diorang tak berbudi bahasa, tak macam orang Malaysia.  Hati-hati.  Nanti diorang bagi makanan tak halal.  Jangan ambil.  Hati-hati.  Orang putih ada pisau, senapang, nanti diorang tembak mati.  Hati-hati'

-Some of the many advices before I went to uk 3 years ago.

Ironically, the advices are more applicable in Malaysia.  The ministers always say 'Malaysia masih aman'.  I don't know if I am stupid or what, but somehow I don't understand the meaning of 'aman'.  What do they mean by 'aman' anyway?  Almost everyday the news reported about crime, murder, rape, accident, suicidal and all sorts of violence.  Are those defined how 'aman' our country is?   

Today, a taxi driver told me a recent incident that happened to his friend.  That night, his friend was on his way home when suddenly a 4-5 year old boy was in the middle of the road, stopping his taxi.  So, he stopped and asked the boy to move.  But the boy cried and asked for a lift home.  This concerned taxi driver was kind enough to give him a lift.  When the boy was about to get into the passenger seat, suddenly three strangers (all boys) with a knife get into the taxi.  Their knife was pressed against the taxi driver's neck and ordered him to quickly drive to the bank.  There, they threatened to kill him if he didn't withdraw all his money.  Thinking that life is more valuable than money, this man gave up the latter.  But still, he had to be hospitalised due to serious injury on his neck. Poor pakcik.

People are becoming crueller and meaner I suppose.  We do want to help those in need.  But, somehow it's hard to trust people nowadays.  Those gangsters are smart.  They take children and women for granted.  They used them like a toy to get what they want. The innocence really want to help, but they become victims eventually.  So who's to blame?  The gangsters??

No!  They do that because they want to live.  They don't have enough money to live.  Everything has prices.  Even dirty toilets! 30-50 cents! All the prices go up, but the wages still the same.  Corruption is everywhere. Not only among the ministers, even among those little tiny civil servants as well.  Why do they do that?  Coz they want to live.  Survival skills. Perhaps.  More corruption, more money in their pockets, and less money for the people. 

Don't you think, we are like ikan bilis surrounded by big whales in a small aquarium, trying to stay in the water and fighting for air?  Will we survive??  Hard to tell.  The whales will conquer every single little tiny space in the aquarium and if they hungry, they might as well eat us.  End of story.   

Eyes on the mat sallehs.  Mana tau dorang ada bawak pisau/m16.ehe.

By the way,
2014, goodluck!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

.because we are women. (part 3)

Women can be the most gentle human on earth.  But mind you, they can be a monster sometimes. 

But, you have to understand, every once in a blue moon month, the women are emotionally unstable.
They will get upset over every.single.thing.  Annoyed for no reason.  And can be annoying too.

When this moment comes, your jokes are no longer funny.  Even the funniest jokes sound so lame.  So when she says something, then you try to make jokes out of it, dielah. 

Sometimes she feels so useless. Like no one loves her. Not even her parents, or her family, or her friends.  She feels like  she's being deserted by everybody. 

Then, she starts calling her loved ones, you know, just checking; to make sure that she's being loved.  But, when they didn't pick up the phone, she starts to imagine things. Negative ones. And mind you, the voicemail will be the most annoying voice in the entire world.

TV series. Yes, they can be toooo emotional watching tv.  In their minds, they will take the role as the heroin.  Even watching cartoons can bring tears. Haish.

Some women, they just cry, for no reason.  Keep on weeping for hours, then when being asked 'why?' they don't even know why. 

And, don't you dare to comment on how much they eat.  Coz they won't eat that much when they are stable.

*This may not applicable to all women. 

*Source: Kak Mun's fb

To all women, perhaps we can keep this hadith in mind:

Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu reported that a man said to the Prophet S.A.W.:

"Advise me!" The Prophet said, 'Do not become angry and furious."  The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet said in each case, "Do not become angry and furious."

(Al Bukhari; Vol. 8 No. 137)


because we are women (part 1)
because we are women (part 2)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interview?? What's that? Food?

Ok. Just straight to the point.

Interview was at 10 am.  Dib and I came at 9.59.  Punctual enough? Thank you. Why did we come on time, but not in time? Coz we know, there's something wrong with Malaysian time.  If somebody said 'Jumpa pukul 10 ya'.  Well, it means 'jumpa pukul 10.30'.  

Ouh, it turns out worst.  The six of us being ushered into the interview room at 1.40 pm.  (Nampak tak permainannya disitu?).  Almost 4 hours of waiting! Hey, hey I'm not complaining. Coz one of my friends had to wait for 6 hours.

Then, 2 hours in the interview room. Got 3 sessions instead of 2. The questions were tough.  When the interviewer mentioned about a best seller book, seriously, I can't help myself from thinking of Sophie Kinsella's.  Thank God, I didn't blurt out my answer.  Coz if I did, I will embarrass my entire generation (hyperbole). The answer to his question is 'Blue Ocean Strategies'.  I was like 'blue what??'  Urghhh.

Next killer question was 'Rama, anda seorang wanita. Jadi siapa menteri pembangunan wanita dan keluarga yang baru dilantik?'  Honestly, I just saw her name on tv3 yesterday.  But, I can't remember.  Blame me for being forgetful.  Eating tooo many ants perhaps.  I just remember the initial 'R'. So I confidently answered  Datuk Ramlah. He laughed! Urghhh again! Who on earth is Ramlah, Rama?? Who? Face palm.

Next, full name of Menteri Belia dan sukan. Ouh, 'Khairy Jamaluddin' my friend said.  Then the interviewer asked about his father's name.  Tell me people, what's the name of his father?  Cheers if you know it.  Coz I absolutely.had.no.idea.

After 2 hours, I felt like vomiting. My brain was too congested.  Before this, I never had the guts to read about GTP, GST, ETP, NKRA, NKEA, PPPM, TEKUN, TUKAR, LINUS, KSSM, KSSR, HJSK,SKDI,JRNFR,JRFNLDSLDOIDDSLI, DJDJDO (ouh pardon me. Too many acronyms.  I dunno which is which).  Thanks to SPP (eh another acronym.lol)

Smiles can be deceiving. Yes. Only Ben gave the real emotion.

Friday, December 6, 2013

.oh love.

'Love? What is love?'

'Love is when you still miss each other even when you are together.'

-The Great Doctor-  

Yes. It's a Korean drama. And yes, I'm sooo into this drama lately.  Blame my sister for dragging me to watch this series. (psst..channel 395 on weekdays 6.30-7.40 pm...In case you want to know.hihu)

'What is love?'

'Love is you.' =)

Manis. Manis macam gula kapas letak gula letak madu letak kicap manis abc (baca dengan satu nafas).

manis macam pegang tangan tengah-tengah bandar dengan sahabat.macam gambar ni.oh, good old days.

Monday, December 2, 2013

.orang hebat.

Teringat ketika menaiki teksi dari hotel ke KLIA. Pak Cik teksi baik.  Dia banyak cerita pasal pemandangan kirikanan (walaupun saya kurang sopan kadang-kadang menguap sebab tak cukup tidur.)

"Putrajaya ni cantikkan?'


'Dulu semua hal pentadbiran buat di KL. Sekarang ni semua tertumpu di Putrajaya. Ramai orang suka.'

'Kenapa pakcik?'

'Sebab dapat kurangkan kesibukan di bandaraya.  Taklah jem sangat kalau nak pegi kerja.  Ada yang nak pegi KL, ada yang nak pegi putrajaya.  Jadi jalan tak sesak sangat.'


'Mahathir ni pandai.  Dulu pakcik ingat lagi, ramai yang tak setuju dia buat pusat pentadbiran di Putrajaya.  Tapi sebab dia degil, dia tak peduli semua orang. Dia buat juga.  Bila da siap Putrajaya tu, semua senyap.'

'Dia memang hebat!'

Sekarang, Tun Dr. Mahathir letak jawatan sebagai penasihat PETRONAS. Dan jawatan itu akan diserahkan kepada Datuk Seri Najib.  Krikkrikkrik.