Friday, November 29, 2013

.teacher's diary. (teacher a.k.a babysitter)

I'm glad that parents nowadays really care about their children's education. They want them to learn as much as they could.  They want them to be educated, to be respected and most importantly to PASS the exams with flying colours A(s).  Perhaps that's why they send their children to tuition centres, no?

Tuition centre is fine for me.  But, some parents, they seem to forget that children are HUMANS too.  They are not ROBOTS.  Learning 3 to 4 hours straight?? Are you crazy??  Even a 30-minute lesson take them a hard work to focus, let alone a 3-hour lesson! Trust me, a 7 years old boy is seriously hard to handle.  If he gets tired, no matter how tempting your reward is, he won't bother.

Oh, there's another not-so-nice news I heard.  There are parents who send their children to tuition centre because they can't take care of them.  Just imagine, a parent send their 4 years old boy to a tuition centre pretending that their child needs an extra classes for a few subjects. Like what?  Your child had an important exam next year??

I dunno what the parents are thinking.  Perhaps I don't understand their feelings or thoughts because I'm not yet a mother.  Perhaps I dunno how hard it is to raise a kid.  But I hope someday, when I have my own kids, I won't torture their childhood.  I hope my partner will remind me of what I have written here.            

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