Friday, November 1, 2013

.Marie Cheesecake Recipe.

There are times when you really feel like going to Secret Recipe to have a slice of cheesecake.  But thinking about it again, going to SR for the sake of cheesecake then go back home straight away is kinda too much.  So, that's the perfect time for your recipe books come in handy.

Marie biscuits (Chocolate)
200 gm cream cheese (Philadelphia)
125 gm butter (New Zealand Buttercup)
3-4 tablespoons sugar
Fullcream milk (Dutchlady)

Trust me! This cheesecake is verrrry easy to make! Even you, a handsome-macho-never-go-to-the-kitchen gentleman, can do it without having to wear an apron (eh).

How to do it?
1. Mix cream cheese, butter and sugar (use mixer).

2. Spread the mixture on your tray (as the first layer).

3. Dip biscuits in a bowl of milk for a second.  Arrange them on top of the first layer until the tray is reasonably covered.

4. Put another layer of the mixture on top of the biscuits. 

5. Repeat step 3-4 until it becomes like this:
You can choose to dust milo/cocoa powder as the topping (mine looks messy though) 

6. Once you've done it all, refrigerate your cheesecake for a few hours.

7. Tadaa...your marie cheesecake is now edible!
psst..fresh milk and cheesecake is not a good combination btw.

Selamat mencuba!


Adib Hitam said...

Easy breezy! Tapi sedap ka juga, atau kau yang syok sendiri ni? Nanti aku buatkan adik2 ndak sedap plak.

ana rama said... akan dikembalikan kalau nda sedap.