Friday, November 29, 2013

.teacher's diary. (teacher a.k.a babysitter)

I'm glad that parents nowadays really care about their children's education. They want them to learn as much as they could.  They want them to be educated, to be respected and most importantly to PASS the exams with flying colours A(s).  Perhaps that's why they send their children to tuition centres, no?

Tuition centre is fine for me.  But, some parents, they seem to forget that children are HUMANS too.  They are not ROBOTS.  Learning 3 to 4 hours straight?? Are you crazy??  Even a 30-minute lesson take them a hard work to focus, let alone a 3-hour lesson! Trust me, a 7 years old boy is seriously hard to handle.  If he gets tired, no matter how tempting your reward is, he won't bother.

Oh, there's another not-so-nice news I heard.  There are parents who send their children to tuition centre because they can't take care of them.  Just imagine, a parent send their 4 years old boy to a tuition centre pretending that their child needs an extra classes for a few subjects. Like what?  Your child had an important exam next year??

I dunno what the parents are thinking.  Perhaps I don't understand their feelings or thoughts because I'm not yet a mother.  Perhaps I dunno how hard it is to raise a kid.  But I hope someday, when I have my own kids, I won't torture their childhood.  I hope my partner will remind me of what I have written here.            

Sunday, November 24, 2013

.Tie The Knot: Black and White.

Nephew's wedding.

and more weddings to come next week. And the next next week. And the next next next week.

and I have no idea what to wear.

It seems like I have to wear the same baju twice. Or may be thrice.
So don't you ever come near me and say 'eh, bukan u dah pakai baju ni masa last week punya wedding ka?'

*Standing in front of the wardrobe, thinking what to wear next week. Eh, kita kena semangat pergi wedding ok. lol.

Friday, November 22, 2013

.rintik-rintik lebat.


'Oh samalah. Sini pun hujan.' (Sambil tangan tunjuk hati)

Pergh! Ini barulah! Telampau banyak tengok drama melayu ni.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

.robe and rama.

Congratulations mak!

Michael, you will be dearly missed again.

So many things happened during convo.  I will tell you everything later coz I have a task to submit on Sunday. So, good luck me!

Ok. now get back to work.

p/s: I feel terrible. If only you could read my mind. You will know the whole thing really.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

what DO u want?

Don't know what to expect
from this brand new feeling
and brand new self
May be giving too much hope is a very bad idea
May be I should just go with the flow.

So, which way is it? Right or left?
Oh, I forgot. My sense of direction is horrible.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sing.Or don't sing at all.

Pelamin Anganku Musnah

Ku Tunggu Jandamu

If I was your man


Anak Kampung

Rindu serindu rindunya

Bahagiamu derita ku.

Aku yang tersakiti (pfffft)


Do not...I repeat DO NOT let the singers sing these songs during your wedding.

Friday, November 1, 2013

.Marie Cheesecake Recipe.

There are times when you really feel like going to Secret Recipe to have a slice of cheesecake.  But thinking about it again, going to SR for the sake of cheesecake then go back home straight away is kinda too much.  So, that's the perfect time for your recipe books come in handy.

Marie biscuits (Chocolate)
200 gm cream cheese (Philadelphia)
125 gm butter (New Zealand Buttercup)
3-4 tablespoons sugar
Fullcream milk (Dutchlady)

Trust me! This cheesecake is verrrry easy to make! Even you, a handsome-macho-never-go-to-the-kitchen gentleman, can do it without having to wear an apron (eh).

How to do it?
1. Mix cream cheese, butter and sugar (use mixer).

2. Spread the mixture on your tray (as the first layer).

3. Dip biscuits in a bowl of milk for a second.  Arrange them on top of the first layer until the tray is reasonably covered.

4. Put another layer of the mixture on top of the biscuits. 

5. Repeat step 3-4 until it becomes like this:
You can choose to dust milo/cocoa powder as the topping (mine looks messy though) 

6. Once you've done it all, refrigerate your cheesecake for a few hours.

7. Tadaa...your marie cheesecake is now edible!
psst..fresh milk and cheesecake is not a good combination btw.

Selamat mencuba!