Thursday, October 3, 2013

which hospital should I go?

I dunno if we can call this a disease or it's just a bad habit. But seriously, I'm getting tired of it already.  May be, this is what karma really is.  I always mock my classmate. Instead of calling him by his name, I call him 'blur'.  And now, I think, I really am blur. =(

There's this one night, I went to a family wedding. They talked about the hall, the wedding theme, the gown and everything. So they asked
'Jadi tema apa ni ana?'
'Hari ni aku tema jubah.'
'Bukan. tema kawin bah.'
'Tema India kan dorang ni?'
And trust me, it took almost an hour for them to explain until I completely understood.

When I was at school last time, a teacher suddenly came to my table and asked me to mark the trial PMR papers.  I quickly took my red pen and went to her table. She said 'Seriously? I was just joking la. Don't be too naïve.' And by that naive, I take it as 'blur'.

A teacher asked me to come to school.  I thought she wanted me to continue teaching on that day.  So I tried to explain that the contract had finished. After some time, the teacher finally revealed 'Ada majlis untuk kau ba.'  My sister knew about this and said 'It's a surprise la. Kenapa blur betul kau ni.'

And recently, I accompanied a friend to jobs carnival. I can't believe that this one person whom I just met for 10 minutes called me 'blur'! I thought I was succeed to hide the clueless face.
'Kamu nampak blur la. Are you ok?'
'No. I just don't like business and to be honest I don't understand what you've just said.'
'Ok. It's alright. Biar saya bagi example. Apa nama anak?'
'Anak??emm..' (and mind you...I seriously figured out the names of my children..though I don't have one! pfft)
'Ok.camni bagi nama suami.'
'Saya belum kahwin.'
'Agak2 lah siapa nama suami?'
'Saya gurau-gurau ja la.haha. Kamu ni memang blur kan?' pfftttttt..It seemed like he's enjoying my 'blurriness'.

I don't know. Being 'blur' is not a good option.  It's either people will take advantage of you or people will regard you as annoying and boring.  Not a perfect combo =( 

.pic yang di snapkan untuk orang blur pun blur.


d@v!d t3h said...

blur is cute..i think hahaha

ana rama said...

i know u just want to make me feel better.thanks david.ko la kawan paling awesome.

d@v!d t3h said...

hahaha of course..
it's something like watching wani trip funnily..hhahha

ana rama said...

hahaa.she's still cute even if she's not blur.