Monday, October 7, 2013

.not really a bookworm. but the book is on sale.

Dear blog,

Today I woke up with a mission. After choosing what I wanted to wear (which took half an hour of standing in front of the wardrobe), I took a bath, get ready, grabbed my handbag and went to Popular book fair with a bestfriend. This was a second time.  Yesterday was too crowded that I couldn't breathe.  The queue was like a long train; I bet you can finish reading one book by the time you reach the counter.  Pfft.  But, no worries, I already hide the book I wanted.  'The Time-Travelling Fashionista'. Smile. You have no idea how beautiful the book is.  It smells good.  It looks promising.  The colour is vibrant and fresh.  The font is not too big, not too small.  It is hardcover!  So, I could hold it to sleep without worrying about the cover being torn while sleeping. 

So, there I was.  Eagerly searching for the book.  First round: couldn't find it.  Second round: still nothing. Third round: =( .  Fourth round:  the book was completely nowhere to be found!  Biting my nails, I tried to make myself believe that the book was still there.  But, failed.  Seriously, Kinsella's novels were still a mountain.  How come the people were more interested with 'The Time-Travelling Fashionista' than the Kinsella's???

But no worries bloggy, I bought a new book anyway.  Up to 90%! Who on earth is going to walk out without a plastic bag in their hands?? Who? Nobody! (Eh).  So, for the sake of holding a plastic bag,  I bought this book.  At home, after reading the first page, I couldn't stop to flip another page.  It is fantastically funny and witty.  So no regrets buying. Plus, it's only rm 5! Such a bargain. Kan? Smile.

Yours sincerely,


Adib Hitam said...

:( Aku dengkiiiii, bukan rezeki, mungkin lain kali, akan aku sempurnakan juga misiiiii

ana rama said...

haha! until 15th jugak.rejeki masih ada nak.