Wednesday, October 2, 2013

.A-G's report: I think I'd have a heart attack.


Lots of  'ha??' 'what??' 'why so???' 'seriously??'

Reading the A-G's report is like reading Conan where you question yourself along the way trying to figure out the mystery.  

I tried to think straight and tried to find the logic behind the spending. It seems very hard.  Coz it's not Like,

who bought 20 wall clocks for bloody RM 3,810 EACH??

and giving welfare assistance worth RM 120  per month for 145 DEAD PEOPLE between 2005-2012??

and spending RM 602,089 for UNUSED shoes and boots??

and RM 300 000 for a VISIT to Switzerland??

adui. People can get heart attack reading the unrealistic spending done by the 'smart people' up there.  There are a lot more. But these four are more than enough to make me breathless.

'We work so hard, day and night, just to earn RM 2k.  But these people, they can easily spend thousands and millions for their own good. Heartless!' A tweet from a middle class worker. *sedih.

We should give a standing ovation to the Jabatan Audit Negara for revealing the dirty secrets.

But the question now is, how many people will be fired because of mismanagement?
To quote from Harith Iskandar, 'NONE'

So, the cycle of mismanagement will repeat.again.soon.

Syukurlah minyak dan gula naik. It is for our own good. Tak baik membazir. Membazir kan amalan syaiton. Heh.


Adib Hitam said...

Serious? Bloody hell. I wanted to read it but i dont know where to get the source, or will i understand the budget.

ana rama said...

I will tag u in fb.wait ah.ready to knock ur head with heels. sbb nda masuk akal betul.

Adib Hitam said...

Wei wei! Aku sudah nampaaaaaaaaak. Patah ooo heel ketuk p kapla! sbb kapla keras btul ndak pecaya what is going on!

ana rama said...

sesak nafas ba baca.