Wednesday, October 23, 2013

.semut hitam atas kayu hitam dalam pekat malam.

'Aku ikhlas bagi dengan kau ni'

'Mana kau tau kau ikhlas?'

'Aku tau lah. Hati aku.'

'Sejak bila ambil alih tugas Tuhan?'


'Orang ikhlas dia tak bagi tahu apa yang dia bagi tu ikhlas.'

'Kenapa pula?'

'Dalam surah al-ikhlas Allah ada mention word 'ikhlas'?'

'Er...surah al-ikhlas tu yang mana satu?' *dush

'Yang kulhualluahad tu.'

'Oh, yang selalu kita baca dalam solat tu.'

'Ha'ah.  Surah tu bagus baca dalam solat.'

'Setuju. Sebab surah tu pendek.'

*menangis.termakan cili.

Cari benda tersembunyi: SEMUT HITAM (kalau dapat cari sila claim hadiah.ehe)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

.beads: when passion breeds love.

Helping somebody for her big day is surely a great satisfaction.  Every single bead that I sew spells l.o.v.e.  I hope the love-beads will spread during the big day.  No, not for me.  But for her future husband. 

"Don't overdo ok. The veil is not yours." haha

Monday, October 7, 2013

.not really a bookworm. but the book is on sale.

Dear blog,

Today I woke up with a mission. After choosing what I wanted to wear (which took half an hour of standing in front of the wardrobe), I took a bath, get ready, grabbed my handbag and went to Popular book fair with a bestfriend. This was a second time.  Yesterday was too crowded that I couldn't breathe.  The queue was like a long train; I bet you can finish reading one book by the time you reach the counter.  Pfft.  But, no worries, I already hide the book I wanted.  'The Time-Travelling Fashionista'. Smile. You have no idea how beautiful the book is.  It smells good.  It looks promising.  The colour is vibrant and fresh.  The font is not too big, not too small.  It is hardcover!  So, I could hold it to sleep without worrying about the cover being torn while sleeping. 

So, there I was.  Eagerly searching for the book.  First round: couldn't find it.  Second round: still nothing. Third round: =( .  Fourth round:  the book was completely nowhere to be found!  Biting my nails, I tried to make myself believe that the book was still there.  But, failed.  Seriously, Kinsella's novels were still a mountain.  How come the people were more interested with 'The Time-Travelling Fashionista' than the Kinsella's???

But no worries bloggy, I bought a new book anyway.  Up to 90%! Who on earth is going to walk out without a plastic bag in their hands?? Who? Nobody! (Eh).  So, for the sake of holding a plastic bag,  I bought this book.  At home, after reading the first page, I couldn't stop to flip another page.  It is fantastically funny and witty.  So no regrets buying. Plus, it's only rm 5! Such a bargain. Kan? Smile.

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

which hospital should I go?

I dunno if we can call this a disease or it's just a bad habit. But seriously, I'm getting tired of it already.  May be, this is what karma really is.  I always mock my classmate. Instead of calling him by his name, I call him 'blur'.  And now, I think, I really am blur. =(

There's this one night, I went to a family wedding. They talked about the hall, the wedding theme, the gown and everything. So they asked
'Jadi tema apa ni ana?'
'Hari ni aku tema jubah.'
'Bukan. tema kawin bah.'
'Tema India kan dorang ni?'
And trust me, it took almost an hour for them to explain until I completely understood.

When I was at school last time, a teacher suddenly came to my table and asked me to mark the trial PMR papers.  I quickly took my red pen and went to her table. She said 'Seriously? I was just joking la. Don't be too na├»ve.' And by that naive, I take it as 'blur'.

A teacher asked me to come to school.  I thought she wanted me to continue teaching on that day.  So I tried to explain that the contract had finished. After some time, the teacher finally revealed 'Ada majlis untuk kau ba.'  My sister knew about this and said 'It's a surprise la. Kenapa blur betul kau ni.'

And recently, I accompanied a friend to jobs carnival. I can't believe that this one person whom I just met for 10 minutes called me 'blur'! I thought I was succeed to hide the clueless face.
'Kamu nampak blur la. Are you ok?'
'No. I just don't like business and to be honest I don't understand what you've just said.'
'Ok. It's alright. Biar saya bagi example. Apa nama anak?'
'Anak??emm..' (and mind you...I seriously figured out the names of my children..though I don't have one! pfft)
'Ok.camni bagi nama suami.'
'Saya belum kahwin.'
'Agak2 lah siapa nama suami?'
'Saya gurau-gurau ja la.haha. Kamu ni memang blur kan?' pfftttttt..It seemed like he's enjoying my 'blurriness'.

I don't know. Being 'blur' is not a good option.  It's either people will take advantage of you or people will regard you as annoying and boring.  Not a perfect combo =( 

.pic yang di snapkan untuk orang blur pun blur.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

.A-G's report: I think I'd have a heart attack.


Lots of  'ha??' 'what??' 'why so???' 'seriously??'

Reading the A-G's report is like reading Conan where you question yourself along the way trying to figure out the mystery.  

I tried to think straight and tried to find the logic behind the spending. It seems very hard.  Coz it's not Like,

who bought 20 wall clocks for bloody RM 3,810 EACH??

and giving welfare assistance worth RM 120  per month for 145 DEAD PEOPLE between 2005-2012??

and spending RM 602,089 for UNUSED shoes and boots??

and RM 300 000 for a VISIT to Switzerland??

adui. People can get heart attack reading the unrealistic spending done by the 'smart people' up there.  There are a lot more. But these four are more than enough to make me breathless.

'We work so hard, day and night, just to earn RM 2k.  But these people, they can easily spend thousands and millions for their own good. Heartless!' A tweet from a middle class worker. *sedih.

We should give a standing ovation to the Jabatan Audit Negara for revealing the dirty secrets.

But the question now is, how many people will be fired because of mismanagement?
To quote from Harith Iskandar, 'NONE'

So, the cycle of mismanagement will repeat.again.soon.

Syukurlah minyak dan gula naik. It is for our own good. Tak baik membazir. Membazir kan amalan syaiton. Heh.