Wednesday, September 4, 2013

.the next thing I should do.

I'm so screwed up.  First I lost the PBS thingy.  Then, I booked the wrong flight for my convo (which obviously means I have to pay more). After that, I failed to control the class.  Students gone wild.  I feel like teaching in the zoo (well, worst). 

I cannot think straight.  Nothing seems right to me. Everything! Even the baju I wore today seems so wrong.  I'm not comfortable in it.  The colour is so tacky I have no idea why I chose to wear it in the first place.  I wore the wrong heels. I drank the wrong drink. I chose pandan pudding instead of chocolate.  I ate expired biscuits which I found inside my drawer just because I cannot think straight.

I even end up washing dishes in the school toilet coz I need some space to think.  And it took me almost 15 minutes to wash just two plates and a jug.  I chanted 'one problem at a time' many times just to keep myself on track.  But..*sigh..failed. 

What's wrong with me? What IS wrong with me? 

I close my eyes for a moment; trying to stay composed.  I take a sip of coffee. Then another. Then another.

What should I do next? Sleep!

.Missing the costa moment. Remember the time we talked about everything while sipping cappuccino and u with ur forever ice vanilla? 


d@v!d t3h said...

Yeah I missed costa a lot too!!

ana rama said...


amal_amer said...

:'( jom pegi singapore. so that we can have our costa moment. org pegi singapore sebab Universal Studio. kita pegi sebab Costa. hows that? haha

ana rama said...

hahaha.good idea. wait until I've got enough money to travel oversea.hoho