Friday, August 9, 2013

.Raya random.

So it's Syawal day 2 today.  And fact is, when we are over-excited of the event,sometimes we forget what day it is.  Like when people ask 'Hari apa ni ya?' then most of us tend to answer 'Hari raya ke-2'.  So may be that is one of the reasons why the muslims forgot to perform Friday prayer today (Husnuzon). 

I don't like stay up until midnight or pass midnight a day before raya.  But I had lots of things to do before raya.  So I end up slept at 3 am.  Just imagine, this woman, who always sleep at 10 pm without fail every night, has to sleep at 3??  The next morning, I woke up with the curtains and hooks and broom all over me.  I had lots of things to finish.  Pathetic.  A sister and her family came to my house that morning.  Thank God, I'm all ready to welcome the guests.  She said, 'Kakak tidur pukul 10 semalam.  Sebab malam raya tu la kita pompuan ni kena pakai mask siap-siap and tidur the next morning tak da la eye-bag..pimples beketul-ketul di dahi. Kan Ana? Pukul berapa tidur semalam?' While touching my pimples I said '3 pagi.' Sedih.

I love raya cookies.  Everytime beraya, I will try my best (lol) to taste each raya cookies in front of me.  But this raya, I cannot do the habit.  I got bad ulcer. It's very very painful until I can't eat properly.  My eyes got teary everytime I try to munch and swallow food coz it's too painful I can't bear it. So pathetic. In a friend's house, she said 'Rama kenapa mata berair?  Sedap betul kah kuih tu?  Jangan la bah  makan sampai terharu. Haha'. She literally laughed.  I don't blame her. She doesn't know how bad my ulcer is.

Talk about baju raya. Let's say congratulation to yours sincerely because her baju raya is still 'under renovation'. Until now. No worries mum said.  I have lots of baju kerja to wear.

Oh, wait. Just received a phone call from somebody. Here comes the drama. Nervous.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin dari saya dan...ok itu nanti sambung. 


fadhilah ashikin said...

slmat hari raya maaf zahir n batin.. :)

ana rama said...

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin =)