Saturday, August 31, 2013

.not a love story.

Feeling-less.  That's how I would describe my feeling at that very moment.  I have no idea why I choose to leave.  Two-day leave??  People would think I'm crazy. The colleagues think so.  The best friends either.  But, I choose to leave anyway.

10 minutes before landing, a homey-feeling creeps inside me.  I can't help smiling. I make my way out. No rush. The atmosphere is so serene. The weather is perfect.  I planned to rent a car and go straight to my favourite place, alone.  But, there.  Somebody is waiting. With a smile.  And that smile is contagious. Good news, I don't have to drive.

Lots of story come out, as if we know each other (too well) for 5 years.  No awkward moments.  It's like a pingpong game. I speak, you listen.  You speak, I listen. It's supposed to be a long and tiring journey. But, surprisingly, it's not.

We reach a place. It WAS a place full of hatred, once.  But, things are surprisingly ok. Having a companion who knows how to continue your sentence is bliss. I don't bother to look left and right.  I don't bother to think of the painful past.  I don't have to run away from the familiar faces. I don't have to be someone else. I just have to

Everything is near perfect. It's like a fairy tale. Everything is quite exactly what I want it to be.  The air is so friendly. I'm not being forced to do anything.  Yes. Friendship. That's how I describe the relationship. Coz we respect each other. We never step on the privacy zone until we are invited to do so. 


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