Monday, August 12, 2013


I praise Allah for everything; for every perfection, for every flaws, for every happiness, for every misery, for everything He had given me. 

I'm a woman, who always unsure about every single decision that I have to make.  But this time, I am pretty sure what I want and what I don't want.  Once again, I praise Allah the almighty.

Tonight is the night, where I should be honest to everyone and mostly to myself.  I shouldn't hurt anybody anymore. Enough is enough. Tonight, may Allah ease everything. Amin.

"Sesuatu yg dilakukan dengan niat kerana Allah swt, walaupun permulaannya pedih, pahit dan menyedihkan, in shaa Allah, pengakhirannya pasti manis dan indah.
Teguhkan hati, kuatkan jiwa. sabarkan diri
-quoted from a bestfriend-
thank you so much for being there.

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