Saturday, August 3, 2013


Though crepe was so yesterday, but I did it anyway. Coz I love food. And sometimes the ones we cook by ourselves are worth it compared to the ones we buy (though sometimes the taste is not the same.oho)

Since I love kiwi, I decided to make kiwi crepe. 

I only use half of the kiwi to make 8 crepes. Slice it into small pieces.  Some people prefer the big slices. Up to you. =)
I used value pride whipping cream.  It's already sweet so to lessen the sweetness, I prefer to combine it with the sour kiwi. 


Hey, do you know that kiwi can function as antioxidant?  It helps to keep hair, skin, and teeth healthy. And it also can enhance our energy level. So, it's very good for those who are fasting.

(Nampak sangat copy paste google.huhu. Sebenarnya suka kiwi sebab dia cantek seja pun. ==')


Lan said...

bole la dimakan ni nanti masa beraya kannn

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