Sunday, August 25, 2013

.Beads and peace-s.

It's Sunday.  The only day off that I have this week.  I thought I shall use the time wisely.  That's why I slept a lot. Oho.

But no worries. I still have time to finish what I should finish. Which is this one:

Yeah. It was completely done during the 7th syawal. WAS. But these hands were itchy.  Couldn't stop to add this and that here and there.   

p/s: The more you force me to do something...the more I refuse to do it. I hope you understand.
p/s: (I know you won't understand.  Coz you don't know the existence of this blog. It's alright.)
p/s: Goodnite everyone.

p/s of the p/s: Too many p/s. Ish.

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