Tuesday, July 16, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (when the brain refused to work)

Today, my brain didn't cooperate with my tongue (or mouth?); lots of jumble up words...slip of the tongue la..confused with some vocab la..ish.

1. (Writing on the board):  River is very important in our daily life. 'Eh, is it 'life' or 'live'??' =='

2. 'Ok.kelas, sila buat pembetulan untuk sesiapa yang membuat kesilahan...i mean..kesalapan ish.'  

3. Wanted to explain about Unduk Ngadau during civic class.  End up wrote 'Roti cantik' instead of 'Ratu cantik'.  Ouch. Kantoi lapar. 

p/s: Oh today I was extra tired. Thinking too much perhaps. But thanks to Grakot and friends. They just made my day.

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