Monday, July 8, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (what did you bring to school today, class?condom teacher!)

If during my school days, the things that teachers usually found during spot check were mirror, perfume, compact powder, lipstick and comic doraemon and conan..nowadays, those things were so yesterday.  Now, condom is the in-thing. Yes. Today, a teacher caught a girl who brought condom to school. 

I was like, why do you have to bring that to school?? The school should give it free to all the students. Ok. Kidding.  Then, it's like a bad day for the girl coz the teacher took her phone too.  And it contained 18sx texts. Funny coz every teacher who read the text automatically slapped the girl.   I can't tell anything coz I don't have the chance to read it.  The ustaz prevented me to read coz I'm not yet married. Then I said 'tapi student tu pun tak kahwin lagi ustaz'.  Checkmate terus. But still, I cannot read. It's alright.  Coz I don't know how to slap people.

But, it's still a shocking news for me. Some teachers asked 'Kau buat 3 jam????' Di situ?? Mana lagi? Ya Allahhhh!!' Though the message is not clear, but my heart was thumping very very fast. I can't help but thinking some bad things had happened to this girl. Still form 2...and she ruined her life because of boys?? sayangnya.  Pity her.  I hope she realised what she did was not the best for her.  There's still room for improvement.

p/s: I still think that only certain teachers (like counsellor/ discipine teacher)can read students' texts. Coz it involves privacy and dignity. Kesian budak tu if the whole staff room read her messages and spread it to everyone. Just saying.

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