Friday, July 26, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (students hati batu)

My form 1 students are so active.  Jumping here and there, running, screaming, singing, laughing, cursing...everything! I dunno what I should do.  I'm getting tired sometimes. Yesterday I almost cried in front of them.  They said they didn't understand, so I gave explaination, but they didn't wanna listen.  So, I threw whiteboard marker towards the most annoying student who always be the first to create chaos in class.  Then, he threw my marker in the bin.  Can you imagine? My one and only marker, in the BIN??

I dunno what I should do.  I scolded them in English, they kept quiet for 2 minutes, then said 'Apa teacher cakap? Tak paham.' Sedihnya hidupku.

Then, today, two boys fought in front of me while I was teaching.  I was so pissed off I scolded them.  This time I used Malay. But it turned out worst.  Coz I used 'Auntie' instead of 'teacher' "Auntie sudah suruh duduk kan tadi??!" All students looked at me. The two students tried so hard not to laugh.  I was like 'Ok, class continue with your work.' See...I was so pathetic. Just because I spent more time with my nephews, I bring the habit of calling myself 'auntie' to school.

I dunno what else to do. They enjoyed every punishment I gave. They know English is important. They just simply don't wanna learn.  They are smart.  But they choose to be the opposite.

.waiting for another vacation.


amal_amer said...

dan habit memanggil kakak2 colleagues, terpanggil kakak pengetua sekali. nasib baik pengetua lama. klu yg baru, bisa tambah satu bulan lg praktikum. haha

ana rama said...

hahaha.those days.rindu aku sekolah agama.=(