Thursday, July 18, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (colour-blocking)

I love to play the role as a devil avocate in my form 3 classes because I want them to speak and argue.  And thankfully, it works! Today I entered their new classroom.  They painted greeny-blue for the wall and yellowish-green for the ceiling.

So being the most annoying teacher I could be, I said the classroom is no more homey. The colour-combination is tacky.  Guess what the students said?
'Jadi teacher pun tacky la tu kan. Sebab combination colour teacher hari ni sama macam cat kelas kami.  Baju warna hijau-hijau biru, tudung warna hijau-hijau lumut.' 

Then, I looked at myself.  Checkmate!

'Ok kelas.  Mari kita teruskan pembelajaran.  Hari ni kita belajar pasal adat resam dan pantang larang pelbagai kaum'  (The best way to change the topic abruptly.hoho)

p/s: thinking of attaching the picture of my outfit, but nahh I don't want you to see how tacky I was.ehe 

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