Sunday, July 14, 2013

.come.walk with me.

I went out to settle my kwsp.  The person in the counter looked at me head to toe.  I dunno what's on his mind.  And I didn't bother asking.  I'm very sure I wore something appropriate, so why bother?  Bad news was, there's a problem with my IC.  Oh, I forgot to tell, I haven't got time to change it since I was 14 (read:si rama pemalas).  Things settled within 10 minutes.  He said I would get it within a month since there's a problem with my IC.  Ish. Whatever it is, I'm impressed with the way they treat the customer with a smile (smiling is a rare thing nowadays).  Kudos kwsp tawau!

My bad habit is, I should buy something before heading home.  And that something could be anything; bread, pen, perfume, shoes and A4 paper pun boleh (==').  Today, I went to Guardian coz there's something called 'Sale' pasted on its glass door.  I thought of buying something very simple since I haven't got my salary yet.  So, I thought of tissue (==') since it is cheap and very useful and handy.  But, the cashier was soo nice and friendly I ended up buying 2 big stacks of tissues and 4  packets of cotton buds.  And I regretted buying those stuffs coz I have no idea why I grabbed so many tissues and..hello? cotton buds?? =='

p/s: I was in a very good mood today. Coz it's raining.  And I love walking in the rain.


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