Monday, July 29, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (pelajar.macam vvip)

Insiden salah masuk kelas cukup sinonim dengan Teacher Rama sekarang.  Kalau orang tanya Teacher Rama mana satu, bolehlah jawab 'Ala, cikgu yang selalu salah masuk kelas tu'. Ish.

Tak apa. Itu bukan cerita utama.

Selepas insiden salah masuk kelas, terus sahaja menuju ke kelas yang sepatutnya; kelas tingkatan satu.  Pukul 4.09.  Seminit awal dari waktu sebenar.  Menanti dengan penuh sabar kerana mereka baru saja habis waktu rehat. Dan keburukan masuk kelas awal adalah, cuma 4 orang yang menanti di kelas.

4.15 petang, masih 4 orang.  Sabar. Puasa ni.  Jangan marah-marah.

4.20 petang, bilangan 4 menjadi 6 orang.  Sabar. Puasa ni.

4.25 petang,   satu persatu masuk. Perangai macam-macam.
Ada yang basah kuyup.  Bila di tanya, jawabnya
'Ada orang mandikan saya di tandas teacher'

Ada yang masuk tiba-tiba menangis macam drama melayu.
 'Teacheeer handphone saya di tangkap. Dalam tu ada gambar boyfriend saya.  Ada gambar exboyfriend saya. Ada gambar kakak tingkatan 2 yang rampas exboyfriend saya.  Dalam tu ada mesej boyfriend. Cemana ni teacheeer.'

Ada yang masuk memaki-maki. Bila di tegur, jawabnya
'Sorry bah teacher. Panas aku tadi.'

Ada yang masuk wangi semerbak.
 'Sorry teacher.  Minyak wangi tumpah. HAHA'

Ada juga yang tak masuk.  Bersidai di beranda.  Mengurat perempuan kelas sebelah.

Pada mulanya berusaha menahan sabar. Lepas semua yang berlaku, mula tanya diri sendiri 'Sabar tu apa? Nama orang? Makanan? Nama jalan?'

Syukur Allah kurniakan mata dan suara.  Mata dibesarkan, suara ditinggikan.  Oh, dan terima kasih juga kasut tumit tinggi.  Sesi melawan tentangan mata ternyata amat mudah.  Ketinggian yang luar biasa dapat menandingi pelajar gengster yang perasan tinggi kerana mereka terpaksa mendongak untuk bertentang mata.

Cuma tinggal sejam untuk sesi pembelajaran.  Kelas kembali normal.  Senyap, tenang dan menjawab soalan dengan baik. 

Bagus. Esok cabaran baru menanti.  Semoga terus tabah.

Those days, when baju kurung is not the only formal attire that we can wear. I miss those days.  Ouh, macam ni la muka memikirkan masalah budak-budak. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (students hati batu)

My form 1 students are so active.  Jumping here and there, running, screaming, singing, laughing, cursing...everything! I dunno what I should do.  I'm getting tired sometimes. Yesterday I almost cried in front of them.  They said they didn't understand, so I gave explaination, but they didn't wanna listen.  So, I threw whiteboard marker towards the most annoying student who always be the first to create chaos in class.  Then, he threw my marker in the bin.  Can you imagine? My one and only marker, in the BIN??

I dunno what I should do.  I scolded them in English, they kept quiet for 2 minutes, then said 'Apa teacher cakap? Tak paham.' Sedihnya hidupku.

Then, today, two boys fought in front of me while I was teaching.  I was so pissed off I scolded them.  This time I used Malay. But it turned out worst.  Coz I used 'Auntie' instead of 'teacher' "Auntie sudah suruh duduk kan tadi??!" All students looked at me. The two students tried so hard not to laugh.  I was like 'Ok, class continue with your work.' See...I was so pathetic. Just because I spent more time with my nephews, I bring the habit of calling myself 'auntie' to school.

I dunno what else to do. They enjoyed every punishment I gave. They know English is important. They just simply don't wanna learn.  They are smart.  But they choose to be the opposite.

.waiting for another vacation.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

.Bye bye yesterdays.

Today is Monday. Wake up! Wake up! No more holidays. No more awesome vacation.  No more staring at the ceiling, doing nothing. No more jumping aimlessly on the bed.  No more genuine laughter. No more singing 'ABC'.  No more yellow pump. No more colourful handbag.  No more everything.  Everything is just a dream. JUST.A.DREAM.  Now, wake up!

Putting a profesional smile.  And a pair of black heels. And a matured-boring handbag. And a stern face. and off I go.

Mr. Reality, welcome back.(ihatechu)

Friday, July 19, 2013

.a last minute decision.

Ticket.  Checked!
Blouse and dress.  Checked!
Cardigan.  Checked!
Sophie Kinsella.  Checked!
IC and cash.  Checked!
Cream and lotion.  Checked!
Cleanser and toner.  Checked!
Compact powder and lipbalm.  Checked!
Socks and shoes.  Checked!
Food.  Checked!
Body and soul. Half-checked!

Will be going somewhere after the tiring weekdays. Hopefully everything will fall into place once I come back. Hopefully. Hopefully.

p/s: I think I'm totally insane.  I can't believe I'm doing this.  Ok. Bai.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (colour-blocking)

I love to play the role as a devil avocate in my form 3 classes because I want them to speak and argue.  And thankfully, it works! Today I entered their new classroom.  They painted greeny-blue for the wall and yellowish-green for the ceiling.

So being the most annoying teacher I could be, I said the classroom is no more homey. The colour-combination is tacky.  Guess what the students said?
'Jadi teacher pun tacky la tu kan. Sebab combination colour teacher hari ni sama macam cat kelas kami.  Baju warna hijau-hijau biru, tudung warna hijau-hijau lumut.' 

Then, I looked at myself.  Checkmate!

'Ok kelas.  Mari kita teruskan pembelajaran.  Hari ni kita belajar pasal adat resam dan pantang larang pelbagai kaum'  (The best way to change the topic abruptly.hoho)

p/s: thinking of attaching the picture of my outfit, but nahh I don't want you to see how tacky I was.ehe 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

things go wrong.sometimes.

What a joke. I've never been at anything as depressing as this, my whole entire life.  Ok. I'm exagerating things.  But, seriously, the situation at school today was quite depressing (for me).  I was asked to mingle with the teachers.  I did mingle!  It's just that I dunno how to say things.  Like when they talked about breastfeeding their babies, what do you expect me to say??  And when they talked about cooking for their husbands and how their husbands love their tomyam, and this kakak talked about her delicious noodles and her husband loves it.  I could only say 'Oh, so sweet!' I wanted to asked for recipe but the others still want to talk about their husbands.  It's quite rude to interfere right? Oh, come on. We live in Malaysia.  The teachers are nice.  I do like and respect them.  But it's just that we have this age gap. 

And another thing, I embarassed myself while talking with this young ustaz. We never talked before.  But, today I desperately wanted to ask about things.  So, since he's just around my age, I tried to make things casual by using 'aku' and 'kau'.

'H, kau ada pergi taklimat hari tu'
'Oh, ada.  Ustazah ada datang ka?'
'Ustazah? Ustazah mana satu?'
'Maksud saya ustazah la.'
'Aku? Eh, I mean saya? Oh, saya lambat datang. ok lah ustaz. Itu seja'
I quickly made myself disappear.

Because he didn't make things casual, so I feel awkward.  When I feel awkward, I refuse to talk about things anymore. I'm weird. I do admit.  Ish.  

Ok. That's why I asked for a one-day leave tomorrow from penyelia petang. Eh.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (when the brain refused to work)

Today, my brain didn't cooperate with my tongue (or mouth?); lots of jumble up words...slip of the tongue la..confused with some vocab la..ish.

1. (Writing on the board):  River is very important in our daily life. 'Eh, is it 'life' or 'live'??' =='

2. 'Ok.kelas, sila buat pembetulan untuk sesiapa yang membuat kesilahan...i mean..kesalapan ish.'  

3. Wanted to explain about Unduk Ngadau during civic class.  End up wrote 'Roti cantik' instead of 'Ratu cantik'.  Ouch. Kantoi lapar. 

p/s: Oh today I was extra tired. Thinking too much perhaps. But thanks to Grakot and friends. They just made my day.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

.come.walk with me.

I went out to settle my kwsp.  The person in the counter looked at me head to toe.  I dunno what's on his mind.  And I didn't bother asking.  I'm very sure I wore something appropriate, so why bother?  Bad news was, there's a problem with my IC.  Oh, I forgot to tell, I haven't got time to change it since I was 14 (read:si rama pemalas).  Things settled within 10 minutes.  He said I would get it within a month since there's a problem with my IC.  Ish. Whatever it is, I'm impressed with the way they treat the customer with a smile (smiling is a rare thing nowadays).  Kudos kwsp tawau!

My bad habit is, I should buy something before heading home.  And that something could be anything; bread, pen, perfume, shoes and A4 paper pun boleh (==').  Today, I went to Guardian coz there's something called 'Sale' pasted on its glass door.  I thought of buying something very simple since I haven't got my salary yet.  So, I thought of tissue (==') since it is cheap and very useful and handy.  But, the cashier was soo nice and friendly I ended up buying 2 big stacks of tissues and 4  packets of cotton buds.  And I regretted buying those stuffs coz I have no idea why I grabbed so many tissues and..hello? cotton buds?? =='

p/s: I was in a very good mood today. Coz it's raining.  And I love walking in the rain.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

.when i'm annoyed, i go straight to bed.

Sangat bengang bila orang mempermainkan agama konon menegakkan sesuatu atas dasar Islam dan menggunakan istilah-istilah islamik hanya untuk kepentingan nafsu sendiri. Geram. Bila sesuatu yang tak senonoh keluar dari mulut seorang muslim yang dihormati. Malam ini, anda telah berjaya membuatkan saya aktif men-tweet. Tahniah!

p/s: baca doa. tarik selimut. tutup lampu. tidur.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

.of ramadana and ramadan.

"Puasa hari ni?"
"InshaAllah cikgu"
"Buka puasa di mana semalam?"
"Di rumah"
"Kenapa tak buka puasa di masjid?"
"Berbuka di sana senang dapat jodoh.Haha"

Seriously cikgu?Seriously?Seriously serious??? =.='

I gave him a 'haha' as a courtesy and quickly continued my work.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (omai English)

'Good afternoon, class.  Sit down.  By the way, Happy fasting everyone!' (tried to be friendly)

Kriik..krikk..kriik.. (all eyes on me; awkward silent)

'Class, happy fasting!'


'I mean happy fasting..selamat berpuasa..??'

'Ooooo..cakap la ba puasa. Ish teacher ni. Fasting fasting..mana laa kami faham.'

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadhan kareem everyone!

When I was a kid, Ramadhan is the best month for me.  Coz many people call out my name before sleep.  'Nawaitu saumagadin an'adai fardi syahri ramadhana hadzihissanati lillahita'ala.'

ish.ish. =.='

Ramadhan yang mulia, semoga sepanjang tahun kita berada dalam keadaan baik! Amin. (mari amin beramai-ramai)

Monday, July 8, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (what did you bring to school today, class?condom teacher!)

If during my school days, the things that teachers usually found during spot check were mirror, perfume, compact powder, lipstick and comic doraemon and conan..nowadays, those things were so yesterday.  Now, condom is the in-thing. Yes. Today, a teacher caught a girl who brought condom to school. 

I was like, why do you have to bring that to school?? The school should give it free to all the students. Ok. Kidding.  Then, it's like a bad day for the girl coz the teacher took her phone too.  And it contained 18sx texts. Funny coz every teacher who read the text automatically slapped the girl.   I can't tell anything coz I don't have the chance to read it.  The ustaz prevented me to read coz I'm not yet married. Then I said 'tapi student tu pun tak kahwin lagi ustaz'.  Checkmate terus. But still, I cannot read. It's alright.  Coz I don't know how to slap people.

But, it's still a shocking news for me. Some teachers asked 'Kau buat 3 jam????' Di situ?? Mana lagi? Ya Allahhhh!!' Though the message is not clear, but my heart was thumping very very fast. I can't help but thinking some bad things had happened to this girl. Still form 2...and she ruined her life because of boys?? sayangnya.  Pity her.  I hope she realised what she did was not the best for her.  There's still room for improvement.

p/s: I still think that only certain teachers (like counsellor/ discipine teacher)can read students' texts. Coz it involves privacy and dignity. Kesian budak tu if the whole staff room read her messages and spread it to everyone. Just saying.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

.Bila permata itu macam kaca.

Tidak tahu apa yang dimahukan oleh rakyat Mesir.  Usia pemerintahan Presiden Mohamed Morsi belum sampai setahun, namun beliau sudah digulingkan. Mengapa beliau tidak diberi peluang? Hairan. Sedih. Teringat apalah nasib rakyat Mesir sekarang. 

Perjuangan memang payah.  Apa lagi kalau yang diperjuangkan itu adalah kebenaran.  Puncak pendakian makin curam, ada saja halangan menanti di hadapan.  Sedangkan nabi Muhammad SAW pun harus melalui pelbagai cabaran dugaan yang maha hebat pada zaman jahiliyyah dulu sebelum terbentuknya masyarakat Islam yang bertamadun.  Nabi Yusuf juga pernah diduga, dibuang ke telaga oleh saudaranya, malah menjadi hamba sebelum baginda menjadi seorang pembesar Mesir yang hebat.  Dan mario pun harus melalui pelbagai halangan untuk mendapatkan puteri kesayangan.  Dan ramadana harus bekerja membanting tulang memerah otak untuk mendapatkan sepasang kasut idaman.Eh.

Kesimpulannya, ini adalah ujian Allah, dan semoga menjadi penguat semangat untuk umat Islam seluruhnya bersatu mendoakan kesejahteraan umat Islam di Mesir.

"Apakah manusia mengira bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan hanya dengan mengatakan 'Kami telah beriman,' dan mereka tidak diuji?"
-Al-Ankabut- 29:2
Semoga semuanya selamat.amin.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (those moments when you feel like hiding behind a curtain.ish!)

During English class
Teacher: Now we are going to talk about future plans. I want you to write 3 sentences of your plans for the next 10 years. 

A: So teacher we are 23 years old la tu kan?
Teacher: Yes!
B: Teacher can I write 'I will get a husband'?

The whole class laughed.

Teacher: B, of course you can.You are 23 by that of course you can get married.

Suddenly I heard somebody whispered 'But teacher not married pun.  She's already 24.'

Teacher (being ignorant): Class..keep quiet.  Continue your work please!

While during sivik class....
Cikgu: Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan melenggang perut.  Ada sesiapa boleh jawab?
A boy: Saya cigu! Melenggang tu maksudnya poco-poco.
Cikgu buat muka blur.
A boy: Alaa...ish.saya nyanyi ya..balenggang pata-pata...ngana pe goyang pica-pica
=.=' Seriously??

When I was trying to show how punctual I was..I stood in front of a class and waited until the teacher finished his last word. But surprisingly, he didn't even said 'thank you class.'
Ustaz: Cikgu tunggu apa ya?
Cikgu: Em..kelas saya di sini ustaz.
Ustaz: Eh, tapi saya 2 masa.
Cikgu: Eh betul saya ada dua masa terakhir dengan kelas 3E.
Ustaz: Tapi ini 2F cikgu. 3E di bawah.
Cikgu: Eh.sorry ustaz.
Ustaz senyumsenyum.ish.ish.ish.malu.malu.