Friday, June 14, 2013

.the Auntie's story.

So it's holiday.  A long long holiday after 6 years studying.  What a relief.  Since I'm at home, I'm learning the basic thing a woman should know which is how to handle kids. I have three nephews at home.  You know, boys are being boys.  Rough and tak beri peluang.  Lol. They jump here and there.  Fight every single hour.  Wrestling and tangling each other.  It's so 18 SG I couldn't stand their roughness.

So, one day, since I couldn't bare another WWE live in front of me, I gave them my teddy bears.  Secretly crossed my fingers and prayed they could play teddy bears peacefully like I did when I was a little girl.  All of them behaved well so I could munch my crisps and watch my favourite TV programme peacefully. 

I forgot that they are boys.
After 5 minutes.....
the teddies are no more teddies.  They punched the pink and brown teddy like they were a punching bag.  They kicked the white one and screamed 'Goal!!' when it successfully went under the table.  Lesson learnt! Giving teddies to the boys is a no-no.

There are times when I had a conversation with mum, it was hard to come to an end.  Why? because the kids always interfere.

'Mak ari tu jumpa satu orang tua ni...'
'Auntie, tak boleh cakap orang tua dengan nenek.'
'Orang tua mana?' Mum asked
'Nek, tak boleh cakap orang tua.'
'Ok.tak cakap suda'
'Pisangnya macam kena curi monyet'
'Auntie tak boleh cakap monyet'
'Mak susahnya macam ni.semua tak boleh' (tiba-tiba emo)

And even 'cacing' pun is a prohibited word. =='

Though kids are adorable, sometimes they make us lost our mind.  Like when I was watching TV and suddenly this actor said 'Jangan jadi bodoh!' Zakwan quickly said 'Auntie tak boleh cakap bodoh. Dia cakap bodoh.  Tak boleh.Tak boleh.' and cried.  I lost for words. Like, what should I do?  He wants me to scold the actor for saying bodoh.  But how?? Ya Tuhan. 

One thing I realised, kids don't like it when you scream and shout at them.  If we want them to do something, say it nicely.  Like being hypnotised, they will follow your instruction.

one of my heroes. This is obviously an introduction to his serangan otramen


kiorsly said...

seriously ultraman? why all kinds nowadays suka sngat ltraman eh? when I was small, I have nothing. hahahaa. I guess I miss a point there during my childhood life. hmmm.

ana rama said...

I dunno la why. all the series of ultraman dorang tau.haha