Thursday, June 20, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (Theme song: I knew you were trouble when you walk in)

Oh, I was at school just now. I don't know that I should read a lot of things and being as mature as I can to be a teacher. 

After saying hai,hello, selamat pagi, goodmorning, I was being introduced to a lot of products.  From Alken to slimming product, they explained everything.  The final question was asking me to be a member.  The next agenda was, explaining how much income I would get in a month if I join the group.  I was totally clueless.  Was I in the school or in a shopping mall?  But it's alright.  I was there, in front of them, physically but my mind wandered somewhere else.  And since I was a 'genius' I had embarassed myself;

'P-Sullivan-(i dont remember what. coz im not paying attention remember) tu adalah badan..em badan apa suda ni..badan..'
'badan berkecuali?' menjawab dengan yakin. and there's an awkward silent after that. malu.
'bukan dik.emm..tak pa. xpenting juga badan tu.yang penting blablablabla.'
and I swear I shouldn't say a word after that.
And then they brought me to stadium for the school's sports day.  Thank you heels and baju kurung,coz you just make me feel extra awkward.  I mean come on, who wears heels to the field during sports day?? Memalukan diri. But it's alright.
No. It's actually not alright. At first, some of the teachers didn't even look at me.  Didn't even say hi.  You know why?? Because they thought I was a student's sister. And some even asked me to carry all the dirty plates and mugs coz they thought I was working for the catering. Awesome first day ever! lol
So, the pengetua knows I was once studying in England.  And so the embarassing moment didn't stop there.
'You study di Britain kan.'
'So, who's the prime minister?'
'David er..something..' (Thank God I didn't blurt out Tchaikovsky.)
' tak tahu.  You tahu tak itu Russia punya prime minister kawin sama itu perempuan cantik yg itu olympian itu.'
(Seriously I have no idea.Shoot rama you shouldn't read lots of Sophie Kinsella.May be I should try reading something more serious next time) - Since I said 'MAY BE' so I don't think I should keep my word. Hoho.

Oh talking about how to mingle with teachers, I also shoud update myself with the latest sofa set, latest body shaping, and latest hijab. Ok noted!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...david Tchaikovsky says hi..haha

ana rama said...

hahaa..tiba2 muncul

msfatinsue said...

haha i feel you, slalu jgak dpt experience cmtu huu. ppl always talk abt smthg that we dont know of, not smthg that we're an expert on. bkan salah kita tu haha :D *in denial*

ana rama said...

yes!ada kawan.hahaa