Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hidup kelantan! Eh.

"Kau sokong siapa?"
"Kelantan!" jawab dgn yakin.haha.
"Ish.JDT la."
"Nda mau.sebab Kelantan suda 1.JDT masih 0." dua sahabat buat muka camni =.='

p/s: Actually kalau kelantan 0 pun aku tetap support. Sebab kelantan banyak makanan sedap n tudung cantikcantik. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

.there's something we shouldn't tell.

"Sebelum ni belajar mana?"
"Maktab kak."
"Course apa?"
"Oh. Berapa tahun?"
"Waa.Lamanya. 6 tahun duduk maktab sahaja??Kesian."

...senyum.tak perlu kata apa-apa...

Monday, June 24, 2013

.caring is sharing. (nawaitu itu no. satu)

"Andai ada sekelumit pun yang kita lakukan bukan kerana-Nya,
bagaimana pula nanti Allah hendak mengingati kita, membantu kita di akhirnya?" quoted from kisah sumayyah romli 

Ouch! Baru sekejap tadi pasang niat sahaja aku pergi kerja supaya dapat shopping banyak-banyak. Mari perbetulkan niat sebelum terlambat.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (banyak tanya)

So my morning starts with teaching those primary kiddos bahasa melayu.  Ehem! 

'Umpama mencurahkan air ke daun keladi tu apa?' Tiga murid bertanya.
'Itu adalah simpulan bahasa.  Maksudnya orang yg tak pandai terima nasihat.'

Aku lukis gambar orang dan gambar daun keladi sebab budak-budak lagi suka visual.

'Contohnya ini manusia...'

'Tidak.Itu Aiman! Itu Aiman!' jerit murid lelaki yang sangat aktif.

'Ok.ok. Ini Aiman. Aiman x suka dengar cakap ibu bapa.'

'Tapi Aiman dengar cakap mama!!'

'Ok.ok.ok. Let's say ini Aiman lain.'

'Aiman mana?Kawan kakak?' (Masa tuisyen perkataan cikgu tidak diguna pakai.hoho)

'Err..ya.  Jadi ibu bapa Aiman bagi nasihat, nasihat tu masuk telinga kiri keluar telinga kanan.  Macam air apabila dituang atas daun keladi..'

'Aiman kawan kakak tu jahat? Dia tak suka dengar cakap mama dia? Kenapa dia xdengar cakap?'

'Err..' (terus terbayang muka Aiman marjon 1. Tak sampai hati cakap dia jahat.) 'Aiman kawan kakak tu baik.  Macam ni la..tak kisahlah Aiman mana pun dia ni, yang penting kalau kita tak dengar nasihat, kita sama macam daun keladi.  Faham?'

Ingin menjelaskan benda simple ambil masa hampir 15 minit. Pingsan!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

.Teacher's diary. (Theme song: I knew you were trouble when you walk in)

Oh, I was at school just now. I don't know that I should read a lot of things and being as mature as I can to be a teacher. 

After saying hai,hello, selamat pagi, goodmorning, I was being introduced to a lot of products.  From Alken to slimming product, they explained everything.  The final question was asking me to be a member.  The next agenda was, explaining how much income I would get in a month if I join the group.  I was totally clueless.  Was I in the school or in a shopping mall?  But it's alright.  I was there, in front of them, physically but my mind wandered somewhere else.  And since I was a 'genius' I had embarassed myself;

'P-Sullivan-(i dont remember what. coz im not paying attention remember) tu adalah badan..em badan apa suda ni..badan..'
'badan berkecuali?' menjawab dengan yakin. and there's an awkward silent after that. malu.
'bukan dik.emm..tak pa. xpenting juga badan tu.yang penting blablablabla.'
and I swear I shouldn't say a word after that.
And then they brought me to stadium for the school's sports day.  Thank you heels and baju kurung,coz you just make me feel extra awkward.  I mean come on, who wears heels to the field during sports day?? Memalukan diri. But it's alright.
No. It's actually not alright. At first, some of the teachers didn't even look at me.  Didn't even say hi.  You know why?? Because they thought I was a student's sister. And some even asked me to carry all the dirty plates and mugs coz they thought I was working for the catering. Awesome first day ever! lol
So, the pengetua knows I was once studying in England.  And so the embarassing moment didn't stop there.
'You study di Britain kan.'
'So, who's the prime minister?'
'David er..something..' (Thank God I didn't blurt out Tchaikovsky.)
' tak tahu.  You tahu tak itu Russia punya prime minister kawin sama itu perempuan cantik yg itu olympian itu.'
(Seriously I have no idea.Shoot rama you shouldn't read lots of Sophie Kinsella.May be I should try reading something more serious next time) - Since I said 'MAY BE' so I don't think I should keep my word. Hoho.

Oh talking about how to mingle with teachers, I also shoud update myself with the latest sofa set, latest body shaping, and latest hijab. Ok noted!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

.i have my shoulder for you to cry on (not literally).

The plot is almost the same
I'll pray for your happiness dear friend
Life is not cruel
She's not cruel
In fact nobody is cruel
It's just a cycle of life
Sometimes we up, sometimes we down
Now you are at the bottom, try to appreciate the beautiful scenery around you
coz there's nothing interesting to see in the airplane, that's why people opt for a journey by train.

naik train bole ambil gambar scenery (kena candid oleh sahabat adalah bonus). naik kapalterbang kalau tak ambil gambar peace kembung, mungkin ambil gambar awan, atau kalau desperate betul ambil gambar pramugara kacak dan kakak pramugari bosan.

Friday, June 14, 2013

.the Auntie's story.

So it's holiday.  A long long holiday after 6 years studying.  What a relief.  Since I'm at home, I'm learning the basic thing a woman should know which is how to handle kids. I have three nephews at home.  You know, boys are being boys.  Rough and tak beri peluang.  Lol. They jump here and there.  Fight every single hour.  Wrestling and tangling each other.  It's so 18 SG I couldn't stand their roughness.

So, one day, since I couldn't bare another WWE live in front of me, I gave them my teddy bears.  Secretly crossed my fingers and prayed they could play teddy bears peacefully like I did when I was a little girl.  All of them behaved well so I could munch my crisps and watch my favourite TV programme peacefully. 

I forgot that they are boys.
After 5 minutes.....
the teddies are no more teddies.  They punched the pink and brown teddy like they were a punching bag.  They kicked the white one and screamed 'Goal!!' when it successfully went under the table.  Lesson learnt! Giving teddies to the boys is a no-no.

There are times when I had a conversation with mum, it was hard to come to an end.  Why? because the kids always interfere.

'Mak ari tu jumpa satu orang tua ni...'
'Auntie, tak boleh cakap orang tua dengan nenek.'
'Orang tua mana?' Mum asked
'Nek, tak boleh cakap orang tua.'
'Ok.tak cakap suda'
'Pisangnya macam kena curi monyet'
'Auntie tak boleh cakap monyet'
'Mak susahnya macam ni.semua tak boleh' (tiba-tiba emo)

And even 'cacing' pun is a prohibited word. =='

Though kids are adorable, sometimes they make us lost our mind.  Like when I was watching TV and suddenly this actor said 'Jangan jadi bodoh!' Zakwan quickly said 'Auntie tak boleh cakap bodoh. Dia cakap bodoh.  Tak boleh.Tak boleh.' and cried.  I lost for words. Like, what should I do?  He wants me to scold the actor for saying bodoh.  But how?? Ya Tuhan. 

One thing I realised, kids don't like it when you scream and shout at them.  If we want them to do something, say it nicely.  Like being hypnotised, they will follow your instruction.

one of my heroes. This is obviously an introduction to his serangan otramen

Thursday, June 13, 2013

.I have a dream.A song to sing.

Me and mak are the biggest fan of MHI.  Every morning, while preparing breakfast together, we will let the TV3 to accompany our morning together (only until 8 coz the nephews begging to watch cartoons after that =.=').  Mak usually will comment on the issues discussed.  I, on the other hand, will comment on the hosts; the way they dress, the way they talk, their posture, their lexis and their jokes. 

In the afternoon, sometimes, we will watch WHI together.  Mak doesn't like some of the hosts. Coz they are too colourful and the hijab seems weird, she said.  I have to agree on that.  Mak sometimes give a one sentence comment like 'tudungnya pelik' and that's it.  On the other hand, her daughter will give more elaboration, the way they tangle their scarf, the way they talk, their posture, their lexis, and the way they cut somebody else's words for commercial break.

At night, we spend time together to watch berita. Mak usually will elaborate more on the news. I will usually nod.  And will comment on the top they wear, their gesture and the way they present the news. 

I didn't realise what I did until yesterday, mak said 'balik-balik bagi komen pasal pengacara.  Sebab mo mengganti dorang bah ni kan?'

'Ha.Mula suda senyum-senyum sendiri.Susun dulu piring.'

eh? hoho

coz we can chase our dream once we open our eyes (pic from deviantart.)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

.teacher's diary. (Maths teacher??)

This woman, who has difficulty to even count the balance of her money after buying ice cocoa+mini pearl yoyo, is going to teach maths today.

And surprisingly, after teaching decimals to those kiddos, they could easily grasped what I had taught them. (Oh, may be they are born genius.)

p/s: budakbudak sekarang tak count guna jari kaki dah.Ish.