Sunday, May 5, 2013

.more than choosing a class monitor.

Everything's over.  It has been a great week for me, being the 'outsider' who 'get involved' in politic through reading all the comments on facebook and twitter.  That's when I know the true colours of people. Never mind.  At least they speak up their mind.

The sky is still blue. Just like 50 years ago. Some people longing for greeny-foresty scenery.  But some people love the blue sky.  Whatever your preference is, let's just hope the new government (oops. omit the 'new') will be more responsible after this.  The people don't want promises, they want actions.   And please stop composing songs which is not even contributing to develop our patriotism (sayangi Selangor yakini lalala =.='). 

Whatever it is, we still hope for the best.  We know not about the future. Mana tahu, 5 years later the sky changes its colour (*wink). Keep making dua'a.  No matter which party he is from, may the best caliph rules the country. 

hijau campur biru mendamaikan.kan? (location: my uni Plymouth.)

p/s: "Kalau dia mau stay pun, tak pa lah. Tapi kalau boleh tukar bah bininya tu." -quoted-
(Hoho!Ada la yang kena sumpah jadi cincin mahal ni)

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