Monday, April 22, 2013

.Teacher's Diary. (my 14 y.o. kiddos)

My students went back to their hometown this weekend (boarding school kan)
So today's lesson was about 'Holiday'
I asked my students what they did during the holiday.
They gave different-different answers
Eh no.Actually most of them gave the same answer:

 "Surf internet teacher!"
"Facebook-ing teacher!" =='

Until I asked this one particular boy, let's just call him D

"So D, you are so quiet. You must have something interesting to share, right?"
"No teacher. No interesting. I don't go back.I stay hostel. But I enjoy, teacher."
"What did you enjoy? What did you do?"
"I went swim,teacher" (everybody wow-ed him.)
"Oh, you went for swimming.  Awesome!Great! Swimming is good for your...."
"I swim in the kolah. My holiday is very best teacher." (the other boys made a disgusting face "ko masuk dalam kolah??woiii!")
"You what???Swam in the kolah?? It's very dangerous you know. Don't do that next time, please!"
"Ok teacher"

Before I did my main activity, I introduced them with new vocab/lexis (for example: a jaunt on the beach, scrumptious meals etc.).  So, I made a story.

"So class, during the weekend, I did something relaxing too. I..."
"I know teacher! You go shopping!"
"Errr...It's a good guess.  I did go shopping.  But there's another interesting activity that I did on the weekend."
"Interesting activity...haaa! washing clothes!"
washing clothes?? interesting?? =.='

I just realised that all the activities they told me were the ones that I taught two weeks ago. Sabar seja la.

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