Wednesday, April 17, 2013

.Teacher's Diary. (My 13 y.o. kids)

Today I taught my children (read:students) the poem 'Mr Nobody'.  Like all the practicum English teachers, I started my lesson with set induction.  For my set induction, I did some miming for students to guess what I was doing;  I tore a book.  I pretended to pull my students' button from her shirt. I left the door ajar.  I threw books away. And while I was doing all the actions, my students started guessing.  Guess what language came out from their mouth:

'Teacher is angry'
'Teacher is angry until crazy'
'Teacher want to be an enourmous wrinkly face monster!' (I taught them the phrase yesterday. ==')
'Your boyfriend leave you'
'Teacher is putus cinta. so you throw all the barang away. Bla bla bla' (Mind you..this girl has a very good imagination of love story. Form 1. ==')

and they give lots and lots of answers until somebody said 'You are the Mr. Nobody!'
Bingo! phewwwh!


JENNtheexplorer said...

macam siuk pula jadi cigu.. bulih jadi gila2...

cik chinta said...

kih8..mmg pning nk wt set induksi tym prac.

ana rama said...

bulih jadi gila2 n bulih jadi gila juga ya jen.

setuju cik chinta!pening..